Your Penthouse Room Design For Less Than $4,000

by | Nov 10, 2018

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Chicago penthouse style

Browsing through internet images don’t you sometimes sit and think – that looks lovely, I wish I could have that in my home. Unfortunately cash flow is often an issue.

Those Hollywood homes and super chic New York apartments can often be out of the reach for many a pocket.

In this particular blog I have recreated a mood board replicating a stunning Chicago penthouse that was designed by Alisa Bloom.

She has recreated a French interior with sophistication, if you like the look, read on, as it won’t have the same price tab or the designer labels and silk cushions.

I have listed the items throughout the body of the text but you can find the completed mood board at the end of the blog. For other room mood boards visit our room design page

Penthouse Living Room Designer

The featured photo above is from Simon Upton.

This beautiful room is very neutral but the addition of the bright yellow really warms the area up. The large print on the side wall is a great focal point and the use of the curtains at full height gives the illusion that the windows are larger than they really are.


To start getting the look we begun with the essentials – a white sofa from Urban Barn for $1940. Pillows are used for contrast, so the fabric patterned yellow cushion covers purchased from Etsy for just $9 each –will be great.


The solid velvet cushion covers are from Amazon and finish off the soft furnishings for the sofa  nicely – cost $13 from  As you can see these ceilings are quite high so extra long curtains are required but in standard built houses the windows are more affordable to dress.


Add more yellow by using cotton curtain panels from Simons which are ideal and are just $25 each.


The chrome bonded leather black accent chairs are from Amazon and retail at around $168 – so take into account we need two of these.

Coffee Table

Our centre coffee table is available at Wayfair for $349, a beautiful piece that gives some interest to the room.

Table Lamps

If you can push the budget a little then opt for these little beauties, two stunning concrete and metal contemporary style table lamps. Available at Wayfair for $314 each – two would be ideal for either side of the sofa.

Side Tables

Two side tables for the lamps come from Home Depot – $78 each.  You can purchase a decent large black vase probably locally but I found this particular one at Pier priced at just $28. Collect some sticks from the local park or garden and arrange to suit your requirements.


Choose a black and white print that sits neatly above the sofa, I would opt for something that you like to look at, not necessarily what is in the example shown. You can find plenty of art online as well. The grey paint for the walls is a Dulux Dieskau, quite light and not too over bearing.

Console Table

To finalise you can see from the original photograph that there is a large console table just below the TV. Again, it is personal choice if you want to add this, we are just trying to reconstruct the scene, but without the designer price tag. This particular console is $242 and can be bought at Hayneedle.


Finally, flooring is a choice, large rugs are great on wooden floors, even a low pile carpet will suit this scene but this all depends on your budget, what you have and how far you want to take it. The finished mood board is below brought together.



Mood board for a penthouse look for under $4,000
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Your Penthouse Room Design For Less Than $4,000

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