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by | May 17, 2022

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Get the most out of your small dining area

Many homes have the luxury of either a separate room to use as a dining room, or a kitchen large enough to have a good-sized dining room table in it, but what if you live in a small apartment, or a small house and don’t have really any space at all?

How do I make the most of a small dining room?

Throughout this blog we will cover a few small dining room ideas that will make you the ‘hostess with the most’ess’. From a tiny nook to a corner in a room – let’s get you entertaining from the get-go.

How do you create a dining area in a small space?

Let’s start by using the kitchen. If the area is large enough for a small table, then carefully measure up and look around for something that fits your needs.

A small table can be placed against a wall or a breakfast bar and pulled out when you have guests.

If there are only two of you eating most nights – why have four chairs? Invest in two nice comfy chairs for your everyday use and store away a couple of fold-up chairs for when you have guests coming for dinner.

It saves space and will not take up too much space with a little careful planning.

Small dining area with a small table

Photo courtesy of Pickawood – Unsplash

So, if entertaining is really not your thing but you still want somewhere to sit down and drink your morning coffee and eat your bowl of cereal, a pull-down table attached to a wall will not only save you a massive amount of space but is very simple to install.

Fold out table dining room ideas

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

You can position the table underneath a window, on the side of a cabinet, or in the corner of a room. Plenty of room to enjoy breakfast for two, and just fold it back when you are finished.

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Which dining table shape is best for a small space?

This is all about adaptation. If you have a nice corner available in a part of your living room or kitchen, you could install bench seating and a dining table that fits the area snugly.

Bench seating can be neatly pushed against the wall or underneath the table. For this type of seating, I would suggest a square or rectangular table.

For less space, then opt for a bistro-style arrangement or even a table that can be extended should you need more space for extra guests.

A very popular idea is just a bar stool-type arrangement which really does not take up much room and can fit snugly in that corner that is begging for some attention.

Visit our blog on ten beautiful farmhouse dining tables if you are thinking of a farmhouse-style décor.

Bistro table

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych:

How do you split a room into a living room and dining room?

Having a fairly decent size living room can give you the opportunity to incorporate a dining room. If you have just one large space, this can be quite easily achieved with just a few simple tricks.

Small dining room table

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

A clever way of sectioning off an area into two is by using the sofa as in this picture which intersects the room, in theory visually creating the illusion of a separate room but with no barriers.

The dining room table has a rug positioned underneath it, which again creates the illusion of a division if you have the space add a nice credenza to store your plates, glasses, and tableware and maybe even some subtle lighting like a table lamp.

Another idea to section off the area is to use freestanding screens, or even a cubed cupboard can double up as a divider.

These items are not permanent, so the layout of the room can easily be changed around should you need to, but they offer a temporary solution to dividing a room into two.

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How do you build a dining room in a small apartment?

Dining table and stools

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Apartments can be quite pokey and small, and some are so small even the kitchen is built within the living room, which does make it really complicated if you want an area for dining. Here, you have to think big but buy small.

For example, take a look at the photograph above. A very small bar stool table with two chairs tucked up against a small wall. It could even be positioned by the window or in a nook.

If space is really that limited, invest in a foldaway table that can stand against a wall and store a couple of foldaway chairs in a cupboard.

We found this gateleg table in Ikea, which comes in white and wood effect. Both sides fold down, but when the table is extended, you can easily get four chairs around it.

Ikea Dining Table

Ikea Dining Table

A super space saver is to opt for stools instead of chairs around a dining room table. Not only are some stools stackable, but they take up less space than a dining chair.

Alternatively, push the stools under the table, which will save you even more room.
You can also create a small eating area by hanging a good size shelf on the wall, which doubles as a countertop, and just pop a couple of stools underneath the shelf to pull out when you are ready to chow down.

Take a look below at some of the small dining room items you can purchase online to make your eating experience a happy one.

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