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by | Jul 14, 2022

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How to Create a Safari Nursery Room on a Budget

Safari nurseries are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They are so adorable and perfect for little ones who love animals. If you’re looking to create a safari nursery on a budget, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

A safari nursery for under $999

So let’s go on a jungle safari and create our safari nursery room on a budget and take a look at a jungle theme for a nursery.

For just $961, you can purchase all of these items to get your baby safari nursery more or less completed.

Download the FREE full mood board for a safari nursery room PDF


Obviously, all of these items were available and priced accordingly at the time of publishing this article.

You may have to shop around for one or two that may have gone out of stock or are no longer shipping, but this look is totally possible on a budget.

Safari nursery photo mood board

What colors suit a safari nursery?

There are a few different color schemes that work well for a jungle safari nursery. The most popular is probably a green and yellow scheme, which mimics the colors of the Serengeti.

You could also go with a more muted palette of tan, cream, and light green; or a brighter scheme of orange, red, and yellow.

Safari animals are often very colorful, so feel free to have fun with your color choices!

Just make sure that the overall effect is pleasing and calming, as nurseries should be peaceful places for a baby to sleep and play.


White works as well with safari nursery decor

Plain walls like cream or white are a great starting point and save a lot of time painting and buying new paint for your new nursery.

Consider purchasing murals or decals from a larger store with a safari theme. With a little thought and time, you can create your jungle theme for your baby nursery very inexpensively.

Decal for safari nursery

Removable peel and stick wallpaper are also available in many stores. We found a nice jungle safari theme that can be adhered to one wall as an accent and with white or green painted walls.

leaves wallpaper


Save money decorating your safari nursery.

Safari nursery soft toys

Another way to save money when decorating a safari nursery is to use items you already have. If you have any stuffed animals that look like they could be Safari animals, put them out on display!


You can also frame Safari art or jungle posters, even make your own Safari mobile to hang above the crib.



Add plenty of storage.

A new baby needs plenty of space to store items like clothes, toys, and changing accessories like diapers, creams, etc.

Young families sometimes don’t have the budget to purchase new storage like wardrobes and dressers.


Shop for budget storage

If you need budget storage for your safari nursery, visit Ikea for a freestanding bookshelf and then go to your local Dollar store and buy storage baskets. It will give you so much room, and you can even label each basket.

Baskets for storage

Organize your basket so the toys are at the bottom, clothes are in the middle, and creams and other items are on the top shelf. This is a relatively cheap solution and will still fit in with your safari nursery decor.

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Jungle safari curtains or blinds

Dress your windows with a little thought. Blinds are good for a nursery but be aware of any hanging loose string pulls or cords.

There have been so many accidents with roller blinds that it may be best to avoid them completely. Blinds with a wooden pull and no strings are probably your best option.

Safari nursery curtains

Curtains are ideal for a nursery. Not only do they soften the room, but they can help to add texture.

Safari nursery curtains

These safari curtains are a great choice.

Jungle safari nursery curtains


Lighting up your safari nursery

Ceiling light and soft light for dark nights will add to the decor of your jungle safari.

Our particular ceiling light is a rattan shade that measures approximately 20 inches and is priced at $100.

Safari nursery ceiling light

For soft accent lighting, we have chosen a lion that fits in with our safari nursery decor. This nursery lamp also has a timer and is priced at just $17.99 from Amazon.


Rocking the night away

Long, sleepless nights, early morning feeds. This is the time to get comfortable in a rocking chair which can be placed next to the crib.

Relaxing Rocker

The rocker has adjustable functions so that you can get comfortable, as well as a footrest. Made from soft linen fabric and available in many colors. Priced at just $259.98 at Walmart, you will make this chair a great investment.


Safari nursery decor

Jungle safari art

To add to your safari nursery decor for your baby, you can add art to the walls.

Safari nursery decor

We have chosen a cute baby jungle animal print that is only $6.98 for each canvas from Walmart. So the four canvas prints come to about $28.

A comfy pillow

Throw pilow

Our pillow cover is from Walmart and is printed on both sides. It brings some color to the room and is available in eight different sizes at $20.99. The cover has a hidden zipper and can be easily washed.

A safari rug that educates

Lion rug

We bring more color into the room with our jungle safari rug. Measuring just under 40 inches with a lion print and the letters of the alphabet to help educate your baby as they get older. Very reasonably priced from Amazon at $35.99.

Jungle safari amongst the trees

To make your nursery more authentic, add an artificial tree or two to your safari nursery decor.

We have chosen a 43-inch artificial palm to fit in with our jungle safari ideas. This was a good price when we looked at it in the store, as it was reduced to $60 at Walmart. Shop around you may find a good bargain.


Snuggle down into safari nursery bedding

Safari bedding

Go wild in the jungle safari nursery with matching bedding. We have not priced this into our look, but we have given you an example below of what might suit your crib.


Our final design for a safari nursery


If you want to find out more about all of the items – scroll down and visit our Free downloadable PDF

We also offer an E-design service and can assist you with your plans and dreams via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a nursery layout?

When you are planning the layout for your Safari nursery, think about how you want the space to function. Do you want a place for the baby to sleep, play, and be entertained? Or do you just need a simple sleeping space?

Once you know how you want to use the space, start planning the furniture placement.

If you need a place for a baby to sleep, the crib should be the focal point of the room; if you want a space for the baby to play, put the crib off to one side and set up a toy area or reading nook.

And don’t forget about storage! Safari nurseries can tend to be on the cluttered side, so make sure you have plenty of storage space for all of the baby’s things.

A changing table with drawers or baskets is a great way to keep the room organized, and wall shelves are perfect for displaying Safari-themed books and toys.


Which room should be the nursery?

The Safari nursery can be located in any room of the house, but it’s important to choose a space that is quiet and peaceful.

A front-facing room with lots of windows might seem like the perfect spot, but all that natural light can actually be disruptive to a baby’s sleep. Instead, try to choose a room that is located away from the main living areas of the house, such as a guest room or a den.

If you don’t have an extra room to spare, you can still create a Safari nursery by setting up a corner in another room. Just use a screen or baby gate to section off the space, and make sure to include all the essential furniture and storage items.

Download the FREE full mood board for a safari nursery room PDF

We also offer an E-design service and can assist you with your plans and dreams via email.

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