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How to Add a Pink Accent Wall in Your Bedroom for a Chic look


Looking to add a touch of pink to your bedroom for a chic and stylish look? A pink accent wall is a perfect way to do just that! In this blog post, we will show you how to add a pink accent wall to your bedroom using paint or wallpaper.

We will also provide some tips on choosing the right shade of pink and decorated with pink accents.

So if you’re ready to give your bedroom a makeover, keep reading for some inspiration!


Pink Accent Wall Mood Board

How to choose the right shade of pink for an accent wall

When it comes to choosing the right shade of pink for your accent wall, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, consider the overall style and tone of your bedroom. If you want a more romantic look, opt for a softer shade of pink. A nice soft pink below is Fresia, which can be found in the Behr range of paints.

Fresia behr

Another nice choice for a pink accent wall is Rosebud by Sherwin Williams.

Rosebud Sherwin Williams

If you’re going for a more modern look, then a brighter or bolder pink would be better suited. Sherwin Williams has a nice bold pink called Rose which would suit not just a bedroom but a living room, kids’ room, or nursery as well.

Rose - Sherwin Williams

You also need to take into account the existing color scheme in your bedroom.

If your room is already fairly colorful, then you might want to choose a subtler shade of pink or pale pink for your pink accent wall so as not to overwhelm the space. But if your bedroom is on the more neutral side, then you can definitely go for a bolder hue, like Exuberant Pink by Sherwin Williams, for the walls.

Exuberant Pink by Sherwin Williams

And finally, think about what kind of mood you want to create in your bedroom. A pink accent wall can add a touch of playfulness and femininity, or it can be chic and sophisticated. No matter what look your ideas are, dark or light; there’s definitely a shade of pink paint that will suit your needs!

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Tips for decorating with pink accents

Once you’ve chosen the perfect shade of paint for your pink accent wall, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate the rest of the room.

If you want to keep the overall look fairly neutral, then we suggest adding pops of color with accessories and artwork. Think colorful throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. You could also hang a statement piece of art on your pink accent wall.

If you’re going for a more girly look, then you can definitely go all out with pink accents. We suggest adding pretty lace curtains, fluffy rugs, and delicate light fixtures.

You could even hang a mirror with a pink frame or add a chandelier to really make the space stand out. No matter what your style is, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pink into your bedroom décor!


Our design for a bedroom with a painted pink accent wall

For our bedroom design, we picked out the Rosebud paint by Sherwin Williams. Quite a feminine color but not too girly or cute.

Pink accent wall rosebud Sherwin Williams

We enhanced the accent wall by adding classic wood paneling to bring some warmth into the area and break up the pink accent wall.

For the remaining walls in the room, we decided on a nice bright white paint.

Wood paneling can be purchased in large pre-made panels, or you can create your own using strips of wood and varnished to your own particular requirements.


Furniture to complement a pink accent wall

A contemporary bed

As the pink accent wall is the feature wall, we wanted to position the bed up against it. We decided on a lovely white bed placed against the wood paneling.


This particular version is a Queen and made from faux leather with a wing-back headboard design, made from high-quality wood and a nice modern addition against the pink and wood paneling.

The Queen sized bed is available for $209.99, but there are other sizes and colors that you can choose from. It is very easy to assemble as well.


Simple white storage

To add storage to the space, we incorporated a modern chest of drawers.

Storage cabinet for bedroom with pink accent wall

The elegant four-drawer storage cabinet is constructed from wood and has gold, curved metal handles. The dimensions are (25.98 x 13 x 28.74)” / (66 x 33 x 73) cm (L x W x H) and there is plenty of room for tops, yoga pants or underwear.

chest of drawers

It can be positioned in front of a window, a painted blank wall, or tucked in a corner and is priced at just $109.99.

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Bedside storage space

To each side of our faux leather bed, we have two bedside units in white wood, which pop against the pink accent wall.

Bedside cabinet for pink accent wall

These units also complement the chest of drawers incorporating gold and white. There is also a decent size drawer to store your reading glasses, book, or any other accessories.


The cabinets are very modern and will add a touch of glamour to your bedroom. They are in the slightly higher budget range coming in at around $347.28 each.


Overhead lighting design

Adding more glamour to the painted pink accent wall are these stunning globe drop-down pendant lights for each side of the bed.

Globe drop down lights for pink accent wall

Again we are bringing in a touch of gold in the decor, and they will help light up the painted accent wall.

These drop-down lights are ceiling hung and are adjustable, and will cast a warm, dreamy glow over the area, which is the ideal type of soothing lighting for a bedroom.

pendant globe light

The lights a contemporary style and are constructed from cool metal with a glass globe and are very reasonably priced at $50.99 each. You will have to purchase your own bulbs, but the strength of the bulbs is entirely your choice.
Download the free PDF


Alternative lighting for the bedroom

The lighting for a bedroom does not need to be harsh; think of something soft and subtle. If you have a large bedroom with a central ceiling light fitting, you could add in a brass-finished chandelier as accent decor, similar to the one below. For advice on bedroom lighting, visit our article 23 Different Styles of Bedroom Wall Lights

Gold chandelier


The soft furnishings for the room

It is time now to soften the room with curtains and fabrics.

Gorgeous luxury curtains

Dressing the windows with curtains or blinds is always a good idea as it enables a good night’s sleep and blocks out early sunrises or harsh light.

As we have a white wall around the window area, we added a subtle pop of color in the form of plush velvet curtain panels in a rose color.

curtains for a pink accent wall

The luxurious curtain panels are 50W x 84L grommet style, and the velvet again adds a bold, elegant style to the room. Each panel is available at $71.19 each; this does all depend on what size, width, and depth you require. Download the PDF below.

pink curtains


Now to throw on a cushion or two.

Cushions for a pink accent wall

Time to have some fun with different colored accent cushions to elevate any white linen and the white headboard.

Dressing a bed with different shades of pink will glam up the room, so feel free to play about with the textures and colors.

Pink and brown accent

Our first choice is these pink and brown chevron patterned cushions to add texture and color to the bedroom.

Bed cushions pink accent wall

The cushions are 20 x 20 and are only the covers, you will have to purchase the inserts separately, but each cover will set you back around $16.99.

Pretty in pink

A very deep pink – verging on burgundy – these cushion covers add another layer of texture and color to the bedding.

For $40 each, you get both the cover and the insert. The cover can be washed as it has a hidden zipper. Measuring 16 x 16 in size, these cushions add a very feminine touch to your bedroom.

Deep pink throw pillows pink accent wall

A touch of gold

For our final throw cushion, we picked out a different shape and size in elegant gold.

Handwoven and at quite a price for a cushion coming in at $86.87 each but so very glam it hurts.

gold pillow for pink accent wall


A dusky pink throw

Throw for a pink accent wall

A bed always looks so much more luxurious and finished with a comfy throw draped across it.

This blush pink throw is made from 100% microfiber polyester and brushed to create extra softness on both sides. The throw is also antistatic and should not wrinkle or shed.


This is quite a large throw at 50″ x 70″ and will hold up well after being washed. The price is a very reasonable $16.99.

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A couple of decor pieces

I’ve not added too much to this room but a bedside clock in brass and a pretty vase on top of the cabinets. Obviously, these are not essentials; the decor is totally your choice.


The small brass-trimmed clock does look more elegant than a digital clock in this feminine-styled bedroom.

The clock has an alarm with snooze, and the LED light flashes when the alarm rings. Dimensions: 1.57″ x 3.27″ x 3.19″ and powered just by batteries. Price $33.50.

A geometric vase finished in brass adds a contemporary touch to the finished look.

gold vase pink accent wall

You could add a few artificial flowers to the look, or even some pampas grass. Available in two different sizes and prices start at just over $13. Download the PDF below.


The finished pink accent wall design

Pink Accent Wall Mood Board

So there we have it, our ideas for a pink accent wall. As we always say, the floor, paint, wallpaper, or paneling is not included in the price; this always depends on the size of your walls and room. The total cost comes in at just under an amazing $1,550. Download the PDF 

The design for our pink accent wall includes the following –

A queen-size bed

2 x bedside cabinets

1 x chest of drawers

2 x pendant globe lights

1 x bed throw

2 x deep pink cushions

2 x geometric cushions

1 hand woven gold cushion

2 x velvet panel curtains

1 x gold finished alarm clock

1 x geometric vase.


So start designing your stunning pink accent wall, or download our free PDF and pink out some of our choices to create this gorgeous bedroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is pink a suitable color choice for a bedroom?

Absolutely! A pink accent wall can infuse style and sophistication, offering a serene retreat when chosen and decorated thoughtfully.

How do I select the right shade of pink for my bedroom?

Consider the overall style and ambiance you desire. From romantic soft pinks like Fresia to bold hues like Exuberant Pink, there’s a shade to match every mood and decor.

What furniture complements a pink accent wall best?

White or neutral-toned furniture, especially with gold accents, can beautifully contrast and complement a pink wall, enhancing its elegance.

How can I accessorize a bedroom with a pink accent wall?

Introduce varied textures and colors through cushions, throws, and curtains. Gold accents, be it in decor or lighting, can add a touch of glamour.

Can I incorporate other colors with a pink accent wall?

Yes, pink is versatile. While neutral tones like white can keep the look subtle, pops of complementary colors through accessories and decor can elevate the overall design.

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