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Tips for lighting design for homes

When considering interior lighting design for homes a number of factors are taken into account.  Firstly, the type of lighting, e.g. pendant, ceiling mounted lighting, floor lighting etc. Secondly, how much lighting is required to light the room efficiently and also what particular function does that room have. House lighting decoration also depends on the style of the room. Careful planning can make a vast difference to the final design of a room.

It is not just artificial light that you need to consider (pendant lights, recessed lights, floor lights) it is also the natural light that comes through the windows and doors.

The paint finish on your walls and ceilings will also have an impact on your lighting. For instance, piles and textured surfaces will absorb more than say smooth and glossy surfaces.

Artificial light can be added during the house lighting decoration process. You need to focus on what natural light you have available in that particular room first. It could be glazing in an external door, patio doors, large windows, or even a skylight.

Another point to consider is when and where does the room benefit from the natural light. These are things that you must consider, for example you don’t want to a set of patio doors with a south facing aspect directly opposite a TV in a media room. So take a note as to which way your project is facing.

I personally love large windows and I am fortunate to have these in my own home and I don’t have any window coverings on them as I love the amount of light I get at all times of the day. They are also a focal point in my room.

However in our converted basement, which is used as a media room / larger living room there are only two small windows. The room does not get a lot of light but we have accent lighting in the form of table lamps and ceiling lights. The area is perfect for watching the TV.

If you look at most houses you tend to find the sink is positioned below the window where there is natural light, this is recommended by many lighting experts when undertaking house lighting decoration.

Lighting design for homes – the Kitchen


Moving on to the interior lighting design for the homes incorporating artificial light. Again there are a few things to consider when choosing your light fittings. For instance, in the kitchen you should consider the use of task lighting. Many well designed kitchens incorporate under cabinet lighting, a light above the sink, lights over the breakfast counter or island and even soffit lighting. Just make sure you have light where you will be working, or entertaining. You don’t want to sit at the island chatting to friends in a dimly lit area.

These lights look particularly attractive over a breakfast bar / island.

Kira Home Coast 9″ Contemporary Mini Pendant Light 

interior lighting design the kitchen

House lighting decoration in the Bathroom


The bathroom, another important room in the home, where most women spend hours doing their make-up and hair, so lighting is again important. Surprisingly, lighting over the top of a mirror is not the ideal solution as it casts shadows. The ideal position for lights in a bathroom is either side of the mirror.

Brio Wall Sconce Light Fixture

lighting decoration for Bathroom

House lighting decoration in the Dining Room


The dining room is a place for entertaining. Most lighting, depending on how big your dining room is, is positioned over the table. If you can have a dimmer function than this is ideal as you can create the right atmosphere. For example you can dim the lights when you are dining and brighten them when the meal is over or you are having drinks. This just gives you some flexibility.

Lighting design for homes when dealing with the dining room may incorporate wall lights and sconces. Choosing the strength of light is again important as if you have dark walls then you have to remember that the light will get absorbed and not reflect as much. So pick out something that has more lumens.

Take a look at this dining room – certainly a topic of conversation over dinner.

15 Lights LED Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

lighting decoration for a Dining Room
12 Pcs Lights Chandeliers Firework LED Light Stainless Steel Crystal Pendant Lighting Ceiling Light

Your entrance hall is obviously the first place where you receive your guests. If you are fortunate to have a double height entrance hall then an impressive light with switches at both the top and bottom of the stairs would be a good choice. Alternatively, accent lighting over artwork or photographs can be very effective.

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House lighting decoration – the bedroom


The bedroom is a place to relax, so try to avoid the use of harsh lighting. Bedside lighting is perfect for reading a book in bed and even lighting in a closet can be useful if your budget allows. Although a lot of homes do have central light fittings, try to avoid these as there is no need for a central ceiling light in a bedroom. Ideal choices for bedrooms are sconces, floor lights, bedside lights and cabinet lights.

Modernluci Wall Sconce LED Wall Light

lighting design for a the bedroom
Set of two Crackled Pale Blue Finish

The Office lighting design


Office lighting really depends on where the tasks are being done. So doing paperwork, reading a book needs sufficient lighting. Again, as with the TV screen, you do not want to have a light shining on your computer screen, it can be quite irritating.

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Once you know where you are going to position your computer, obviously this depends on electrical sockets, internet etc, you can then decide on your lighting. Uplighters are ideal in this type of situation. You can have cove lighting, wall sconces that reflect light upwards and away from the area of your computer. Sometimes a small desk lamp is useful if you are not working on the computer but need to do some paperwork at your desk as it is easy to turn off when you are back on the computer again.

Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Swing Arm Desk Lamp

For reading, try positioning a comfy armchair near a window for full use of natural light with possibly a small table to one side with a table lamp for night time reading.

The great outdoors

AmazonBasics Patio Lights, White 50″

 Out door lighting AmazonBasics Patio Lights, White

Finally, outdoor lighting. Usually used for security, marking out pathways and of course at the entrance of the door or garage. Subtle lighting around plants and sculptures is very effective but don’t overdo it, less is more as they say.

Seating areas only need subtle accent lighting, whereas BBQ areas would benefit from something a little stronger if you are a keen cook and like to BBQ in the evening. Again, steps, walkways etc., should be defined by lighting to avoid any trips or falls.

So that just about covers most of the rooms and areas in the home. Once you have defined your lighting be aware of what bulbs you are going to fit. But be aware never exceed the maximum wattage that is stated on your particular light fitting.

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