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Styling Your Industrial Living Room

Old buildings can often offer us the opportunity of high ceilings and long bright airy windows and possibly a balcony leading off. This gives us ample opportunity to implement an interior design and create the look of an industrial living room.

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy an old house with plenty of character including authentic wooden beams, brick walls, concrete floors, exposed ductwork and original windows it gives you a wonderful starting point if you are looking for an industrial style to your living area.


Industrial Style living room

Industrial Style living room

Paint and Colours

Before starting any design, it is important to measure, measure, measure. Before embarking on the fun task of picking out your paints, here are a few tips to remember.

Pinterest or Google – are good starting points if you have no idea where to begin. Choose a few images that appeal to you with a paint colour that you like.

Check out a few rooms that may have something similar and think of the space and architecture that you to work with and draw inspiration from that.

A piece of art that you like is also a good starting point as you can work your scheme around it. Pull colours from the art and incorporate them into your industrial living room design.

They could feature golds, whites and blacks or even a mixtures of greys and browns, inspire yourself with art.

If the room is very dark a really good choice is a neutral paint, the addition of darker pieces in the form of rustic furniture will work well to make the room warmer.

Tester Pots

If you can purchase small pots of ‘testers’ then these are ideal. You can paint test patches near the window in your living space, or on a wall that is more shaded as the colour may not be to your liking in certain areas where it can change in natural light or shaded areas.

Many paint manufacturers offer an app where you can upload a photograph of your living space, bathroom etc and then you select the walls you want to paint and apply the appropriate colour to help you with your industrial inspiration.

It is kind of a cool thing to do as once you have decided upon a certain colour they recommend contrasting colours to guide you which can be used for other walls, trim or doors and other industrial elements in the room.

The photograph above is a perfect example of an old room with wooden beams, concrete floors and brick walls that have been painted white and nice long high glass windows. Bare bricks are perfect when looking for the industrial feel, with paint or without, it is your room so you decide.

Let’s Decorate

As an example, let’s decorate this room as an industrial living room and see what it could look like rather than the bare white walls we have at the moment.

The facing wall is a perfect starting point for a feature colour, just a touch of contrasting paint will prevent the room from looking too clinical and add a little warmth to the area. Browns are always a good choice for living rooms, not only when it comes to warmth but also aiming for that industrial design look as well as adding visual interest. Take a look below.

greys for your wall

A more up to date modern industrial space can be achieved with a selection of silvers, greys and mid-tones.

Tones of greys


The joy of painting a room is it changes the whole concept with just one colour. At the end of the day, it is all down to personal taste, a top interior designer may have a totally different idea of an industrial style living room, it is your room so work with it.

Metal, concrete and wood

If you are not fortunate to have brick walls then you can opt for faux panels which have been trending these last couple of years and these help bring the wall to life.

It could be wood panelling, textured wallpaper, or two-tone paint effects. There are many different materials available so do a little research but keep your ideas focussed on an industrial space.

The particular room I have designed uses teak wood panelling, again focussing on an industrial touch and using raw materials but still retaining an element of warmth in the room.

You don’t have to cover the whole of the wall with your desired texture, it could be half the wall, one wall, or the bottom part of the wall. Experiment before you commit and go from there. Be mindful of ceiling heights and a smaller space.

You can pick up different styles of panelling and wallpaper from your local hardware store, or alternatively, there are plenty of choices online for delivery.

If you don’t mind using power tools purchase furring pieces of wood and stain them to your desired colour and pin them to the wall. There are many DIY tutorials online which also promote other styles that can be adapted to suit your living room designs.

And then there was light


Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Lighting is a very important element to consider when planning your living room design. Some living room areas have no overhead lighting, so you will need to compensate for this with accent lighting.

If you do have overhead lighting then also consider adding some accent lighting as well as it can make the room cosier during the evenings, especially if you are watching the television and don’t want to create an overhead glare on your TV screen.

The accent lighting could be in the form of a couple of metal table lamps, a floor standing lamp or even just some subtle lighting in a display cabinet.

In the mood board below I have selected a rust coloured overhead industrial type pendant light with exposed light bulbs for the room, another common feature in industrial interior design.

Not only does it give the room an interesting feature on the ceiling but it also shows the use of raw materials with the exposed bulbs and the use of metal in the construction.

Accent lights may depend on space but I have featured a floor standing lamp in brass. This is perfect in an industrial living room and can focus on just lighting up one area of the room.

It could be in a corner where you have a chair and want to read a book. It could be near your sofa or next to a plant.

The bulbs that you put into the lights are also important. Softer bulbs are perfect for your accent lighting, whereas you may need something a little stronger and whiter in your overhead lighting. Stronger bulbs are often used in areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

The Furniture and Decorations – The Fun Part

So we need to keep to the industrial design of the room and we need to bear this in mind when choosing our furniture and accessories.

Everyone has a sofa in their Industrial Style living room, and the shape, size and colour are something that you will have to determine. Comfort is probably at the top of the agenda though.

Try out some of the display models in your local shops that you like. Take photographs, see what colours they have available and again, don’t forget to measure to make sure that they will fit.

The soft furnishings

Sticking with the industrial theme, try a leather sofa. Hard wearing, comfy and easy to clean. I have chosen a black leather sofa for our industrial lounge but added my own cushions.

Adding a cushion with a different pattern and a different colour will create a feeling of warmth and interest. Select carefully and you will reap the benefits.

Other soft items to include are throws which can be placed over the side of the sofa and if it gets a little chilly or you want to have a quick nap than there is nothing better to cosy under, as well as making the sofa look more appealing and softening the look.

The flooring

If you have bare floorboards or laminate / hardwood flooring you may need to soften the floor a little with a rug. Rugs can pull a whole room together and still add texture and colour and feel a lot nicer on the feet in the winter evenings.

Again try to keep within your colour scheme, think of how thick you want the rug. If you have a carpet select a thinner rug.

Furniture ideas

In our industrial living room mood board we have also added a wooden topped coffee table – handy for drinks, books and snacks when you are sitting in front of the television or chilling on the sofa. These accessories all depend on how much space you have.

You might have room for a sideboard, even a few wood bookshelves to go on the wall or even a large display cabinet. Again, gather ideas from the internet and put together a mood board and see where it leads you.

Draw out a rough plan of your industrial style living room on graph paper and see if the items that you like are going to fit in the area.

To soften the industrial theme a little more pick out some greenery, real or fake, fresh flowers in a vase or a nice floor standing plant in a pot. Whatever you can cope with and fits within your scheme.

The industrial style living room mock-up

In our mock-up below you can see how the industrial scheme has come together. Gone are the clinical walls. We have plenty of light, some interesting art on the wall alongside the warmth of the wood panelling and texture and pattern in the accessories.

These items are available for purchase and I have provided the links below if you are interested. If you are interested to learn more about the industrial style visit Home Decor Styles Explained.


MOCK UP OF A Industrial Style living room

MOCK UP OF A Industrial Style living room

Legal Information

We at stylish interior design would like to remind our readers that we are affiliates of some of the products and services mentioned on this website. This means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small affiliate commission. This commission comes at no cost to you – you just pay the price quoted.

Overhead ceiling light


The Sapphire ceiling light is designed in the style of a space probe and is sold in an aged patina look with oversized exposed bulbs. This is the perfect ceiling centrepiece and is available in two different sizes, you just need to purchase the bulbs.

Abstract art


Abstract paintings on canvas can create a great focal point – take a look at this one or alternatively if you are feeling brave create your own. This particular piece measures 36″ W x 60″ H x 1 1/2″ D and is available online.

Como coffee table

The Como Coffee Table

A slightly different version to our layout but this high quality design is a good size at 41 inches in length and 41 inches in width. It is about 16 inches high and weighs 78lbs.

Black sectional sofa

Bloor Sofa Sectional

Sectional Seating

Soft and durable this sectional is a nice low seating area made from woven fabric. The components allow for the perfect combination to fit your space.

Gold Floor lamp

Ledger Floor Lamp

A gold colored floor standing lamp with has a dimmer switch for easy adjustment. Stands at around just under 52 inches in height.

Beige Rug

Orian Shag OR-01 Beige Area Rug

Easy to clean pile rug made from 100% Polyester. Keep those feet warm during cold nights.

pillow brown and cream


A top grain leather panel pillow with a feather insert. There is also zipper detailing. Adds a nice touch and texture to your sofa.

Faux Fur Throw

Faux Fur Throw

Add a little luxury with a faux rabbit throw. Animal-friendly properties and antistatic as well. Grab them while you can.


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