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How to Design a Gender Neutral Nursery Theme

Gender neutral nursery theme photo mood board

When you’re decorating a nursery for your upcoming arrival, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is what gender the baby is – but that doesn’t mean that all of your decorations need to be geared towards that gender!

In fact, many parents these days are opting for gender-neutral nurseries.

Who would be interested in a gender neutral nursery?

This can be a great option for families who don’t know the gender of their child yet, or for those who simply want to avoid any gender stereotypes in their child’s room.

Baby pic 2 - gender neutral nursery theme

If you’re interested in creating a gender neutral nursery, read on for some tips on how to get started!


When should you start decorating your gender neutral nursery theme?

The best time to start decorating your gender neutral nursery is actually before you even know the gender of your baby! This way, you can avoid any gender stereotypes from the get-go.

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Why should you plan for a gender neutral nursery?

If you wait until after you find out the gender of your child, you may end up feeling like you need to make changes to the room – and that can be costly and time-consuming.

Baby pic-gender neutral nursery theme with stool

Planning for neutral colors in your nursery will avoid having a blue theme if you end up having a baby girl and so forth.


Where in the house should I plan for a gender neutral nursery?

The best place to have a gender neutral nursery is in the master bedroom or in the next room. This way, you can easily keep an eye on your child while they sleep, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing them when you need to get up for work or other activities.

Plus, having the nursery near the master bedroom will make it easier to transition to a toddler bed when the time comes.


What are some gender neutral nursery ideas?

Some gender neutral nursery ideas include:

  • using a mix of colors, instead of just one or two colors
  • avoiding gender stereotypes by choosing non-traditional decorations
  • opting for gender neutral furniture, like a crib or changing table that can be used for either gender
  • using a mix of patterns and textures in the room
  • choosing simple, clean lines for the furniture and decorations


What kind of colors should you use?

When it comes to gender neutral nursery themes, the sky is the limit! You can really use any colors you want, but some popular choices include white, green, gray, and yellow.

You can also use bolder colors like pink or blue, as long as you use them in a gender-neutral way. For example, instead of using all pink or blue decorations, try using a mix of both colors.

Our choice of paint and wall covering for a neutral nursery

Tiger in nursery theme paint and paper wall

So we have chosen a mixture of paint and paper. I like to add a little texture to a neutral nursery.

The wallpaper is the peel and stick variety and has the appearance of linen in a mottled brown/beige color.


If you are unsure of how to deal with peel and stick wallpaper, see our blog on Baby Girl Nursery On A Budget – Nordic Style

Chevril leaves

To contrast with the wallpaper and bring some color into the baby nursery, we picked out a green paint called Chevril Leaves from Behr.

The color of the wallpaper and the painted wall are shades of the forest.

These woodland colors reminded me of Pooh Bear, so I decided to add some sweet wall decals of Pooh Bear and his friends.

theme with pooh bear decal

If you are artistic or can find decent size wall decals in the shape of a tree, you could add these to your walls as well.

The wall decals do come with wording that says, ‘Let’s wander through the woods. Have fun with your walls and enhance the neutral colors.

Gender neutral nursery theme with pooh bear

The wall decals can be purchased from Walmart for $21.99 and are very easy to peel off should the need arise.


Gender neutral nursery PDF download banner


Lighting in a gender neutral nursery

I always like to opt for ceiling light and also a night light or table lamp.

Starting with our ceiling light and to fit in with the woodland colors for Pooh Bear and his friends, I went for rattan.

Rattan is a natural material and fits well within our scheme of general neutral nursery ideas.

ceiling light for baby room

The light fixture is approximately 12 inches wide by about 9 inches in height. The chain that holds the lamp is adjustable so that it will suit all ceiling heights.

rattan light for nursery

You can order the light from Walmart for just $56.04, and the manufacturer states that it is easy to install.


Subtle accent lighting for a baby nursery

A mini table lamp with a rattan shade matches in nicely with the main light fixture.

nursery them table lamp

The lamp stands at just under 13 inches and gives a good amount of subtle lighting. You can position the light on a side table, a credenza, or a storage cabinet.

rattan lamp for nursery theme

The maximum light wattage is 40w, and it prevents you from turning on the overhead light should you need to do night feeding in the baby nursery.

You can purchase the rattan lamp from Walmart for just $9.97.

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Furniture for a gender neutral nursery

Obviously, we are going to need to put a crib into our neutral nursery. There are so many different variations available, including those that turn into a bed when the baby gets older, others with changing tables, different materials, and so on.

Adding to our gender neutral nursery ideas is a pine knotted crib which is a convertible three-in-one.

crib idea for gender neutral nursery theme

The design of the crib is based on mid-century modern.

The crib also features a changing table and a cubby hole for books.

The crib is constructed in knotted pine with a walnut finish and has adjustable mattress positions. This is a good idea should you need to lower the mattress as your baby starts to sit or stand up.

What is New Zealand pine wood?

New Zealand pine wood is a popular choice for gender neutral nurseries as it has a clean and simple look. Plus, it’s a durable material that will last for years to come.

If you’re looking for gender neutral nursery furniture, New Zealand pine wood is definitely worth considering!

Find this crib at Walnut

The crib is available at Walmart for just $328.28 and will look great against either the painted walls or a wall that has wallpaper on it.


Baby nursery chest of drawers

If you don’t have built-in wardrobes or any storage at all, you could purchase a chest of drawers which will help when storing the small clothes and adorable outfits for your baby.

storage cabinet for bedroom

This set has six handy drawers and is made from sturdy wood. The set has brass sunken handles, and there are quite a few colors that you can choose from for a themed nursery.

White chest of drawers

The set of six drawers costs $249 and is also available from Walmart. See our PDF list below for more details.


A neutral color rocking chair for mom

A rocking chair that has also been designed in a mid-century style which is upholstered for maximum comfort and comes in a neutral color to fit in with your nursery theme.

The high-quality fabric is filled with high-density sponges, which will make nighttime feeding more comfortable. There is also a handy side pocket where you can put a book or feeding bottle.

rocking chair for nursery

The frame is made from solid wood and can hold up to 300lbs with a supporting backrest and also armrests.

The rocking chair is available from Walmart, priced at $219.99 – a small price to pay for comfort during the night.


Toy storage in a gender neutral nursery

Where else will Pooh Bear and his friends settle down for the night? Adding a good-sized toy box to your gender neutral nursery ideas will give you more storage and also keep the baby’s room tidy.

Toy storage for nursery room

No more scattered toys and bits to break your toe on. A toy box in a retro design and can also double up as a bench for seating.

The storage box measures 29.9” L x 15.7” W x 18.9” H and is super easy to assemble, ready to tidy up the room. Available from Walmart for $82.99.


Soft furnishings for a gender neutral nursery

Curtains in a woodland color

Time to shut out the daylight in the evening and draw the curtains ready for bedtime.

Our choice of curtain is a shade of green which fits in with our woodland-themed nursery.

curtains for nursery

The color of the curtain panels is Dark Mallard, and these particular curtains are blackout panels that will darken the room in the evenings.

green curtains for nursery theme

Please remember to measure your windows accordingly to get the correct length and width. These panels start at just $44 per panel from Half Price Drapes.


Natural fiber rug

Our gender neutral nursery ideas continue with a natural fiber rug to soften the look of the nursery floor.

nursery rug


Gender neutral nursery PDF download banner


The rug is soft underfoot and makes a nice contrast against the wooden floor. The rug is woven from sisal and natural seagrass and is available in a wide choice of colors and sizes.

sisal rug

The size we have chosen is 8 x 10 and works to be around $285 from Walmart.


Cute pooh bear-inspired bedding

Adding to our Pooh Bear nursery theme, we have chosen a set that consists of a quilt, a sheet, and a skirt.

All of the bedding is made from 100% cotton, and the quilt features embroidered tree with an apricot yellow appliqued Pooh Bear with his best buddy Piglet.

bedding for gender neutral nursery

The skirt for the crib has a 14.5-inch drop, and the whole set is very well made. You can buy the complete set from Walmart for just $179.99

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A nursery theme mobile

When it is time for bed, you can turn on the overhead mobile, which takes AAA batteries and plays tunes such as Rock-a-bye baby and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

The mobile will play for up to 20 minutes with Pooh Bear and Piglet circling overhead.

nursery theme mobile

You can purchase a mobile from Walmart for just $49.99.


Art prints to accent your nursery theme

To break up the color on the walls, we have added some nursery-themed wall art.

The 8 x 10 prints come in a pack of six with different scenes from Winnie The Pooh. You will have to frame them, but you can purchase inexpensive frames from Dollar Tree. They will probably suit a light wood frame.

winnie pooh art for nursery room

You can hang all six prints up to make a collage on a contrasting wall or, alternatively, split the prints up to go on different walls.


Stuffed animals to finish the themed nursery

Our final items for the baby’s room are soft toys. You may already have a selection, but I have included these as they fit in with the nursery theme.

Obviously, I have chosen a selection that includes Pooh Bear, Piglet, and Tigger.

Tigger stands at about 16 inches high and can be purchased for $24.99.

tigger toy for bedroom


Moving on to the star of the show, Pooh Bear. Pooh stands at around just over 12 inches and can be bought for $27.56.

pooh bear toy for bedroom


Finally, his friend Piglet cannot be left out of the 100 Acre Wood at $29.95. All of the stuffed animals can be purchased from Walmart. We have included any links in the free PDF below.


The final design for a gender neutral nursery

Gender neutral nursery theme - total cost $1,700

The gender neutral nursery comes in at just an amazing $1,700. This does not include paint, flooring, and wallpaper. These items depend on the size of your walls and what you decide to go for.

So to summarise, for just under $1,700, you can totally design your gender neutral nursery with the following –

  • Crib
  • Storage drawers
  • Toy Box
  • Rocking Chair
  • Decal
  • Prints
  • Bedding
  • 2 x panels curtains
  • Mobile
  • Rattan Fixture
  • Table lamp
  • Tigger
  • Pooh
  • Piglet
  • RugAll of the items were priced up at the time of writing this blog. Prices may change, and some items may go out of stock. If you need help sourcing alternatives, please do drop us a line.If you would like a design made to your own specifications, we would be happy to assist. Our basic room package includes a mood board, shopping list, and flat 2D floor plan for just US$125. We aim to deliver within 10 days.

    In just 4 easy steps, we can design and help you create your dream space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is green good for a nursery theme?

If you’re looking for a neutral nursery theme, green is definitely a good color to consider. It’s gender neutral, and it can also help create a calming and peaceful environment for your child.

Plus, green is a versatile color that can be used in a variety of ways – so you can really get creative with your nursery design!


Do nurseries need a theme?

While you certainly don’t need a theme for your nursery, some parents find that it helps to have a general idea of what they want the room to look like.

Having a theme can make decorating the nursery easier, as you’ll have a better sense of what kind of colors and decorations to use. Plus, it can be fun to choose a theme that reflects your personal style!

However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to have a specific theme in mind – you can always change your mind later on.

So if you’re not sure what kind of nursery theme you want, don’t worry – just take your time and see what inspires you!


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