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Creating Your Dream Coastal Dining Room: 

Step into a world where the serene ambiance of the beach meets the comfort of your dining room.

Our guide unveils the art of creating a coastal dining room that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also budget-friendly.

From the perfect color palette to the right choice of furniture, dive in to transform your dining space into a coastal haven.

Are you dreaming of bringing the peaceful vibes of the beach into your dining room?

You’re in the right place!

This guide is all about helping you create that coastal dining room you’ve always wanted, and guess what? You can do it on a budget!

We’ll walk you through everything, from picking the perfect colors and furniture to finding the right lighting and decor.

And don’t worry; we’ve got some great tips on caring for rattan chairs too. With a little creativity and planning, you can have a stunning coastal dining room for just under $4,200.

Dive into the article to get all the details and start transforming your dining space into a relaxing beach getaway. Enjoy!

How to Create a Coastal Dining Room on a Budget

Coastal design is all about bringing the beach indoors. It’s a great way to add some relaxation and tranquility to your home, especially if you live in a cold, dark climate. In this blog post, we will show you how to create a coastal dining room on a budget!

Coastal dining room design


What best describes a coastal design style?

Coastal design is defined by natural materials, light colors, and a focus on comfort and relaxation. The coastal design style was inspired by the colors and textures of the sea, sand, beach, and sky.

The goal of coastal design is to create a relaxed atmosphere that reminds you of a day at the beach.

Coastal design is achieved through the use of natural materials like driftwood, sea glass, and shells. Also, the style typically incorporates light colors such as green, blue, and white and patterns that are striped, painted walls, or wallpaper related to your theme.

And finally, furniture in a coastal dining room design style is typically very comfortable with an emphasis on relaxation.


What colors should be used in a coastal dining room home decor?

Coastal dining rooms should be light and airy. White is a great base color for a coastal dining room.

You can then add accents of blue and green to create a more beach-like feel.

The sand-colored wallpaper below has a nice texture and may help with your inspiration. If you have a small dining room, it is wise to stick with bright or light colors, so this could be a good choice.

Beige wallpaper

If you are looking for paint inspiration, check out the Benjamin Moore range; the color sea foam below is very fresh and will make a great accent wall in a dining room.

Sea foam paint - Benjamin Moore

See our article on colors for a coastal living room

A coastal dining room design

The walls of the dining room

We took our inspiration from the colors and materials that you might see when you visit the beach. Think of blue and white, greens, and neutral sand tones.

We started with lightwood flooring and decided to keep the whole of the coastal dining room space in a very light, airy style.

The walls, rather than just plain white paint, have been covered with white wallpaper, which has a shiplap effect of making it look like a building you may see along the beach, similar to Cape Cod.

White shiplap wallpaper

You can purchase the wallpaper at just $37.99 a roll, and it is packaged in a single roll and measures 20.5 in. x 18 ft. = 30.75 sq.ft. The paper is very easy to apply as it is peel and stick.

Coastal dining room banner


The furniture for our coastal dining room ideas

Let’s start with the dining table. Ideally, a wooden dining table would fit perfectly into the scheme, but nothing too dark.

We were inspired by the washed effect of the planks on the wallpaper and opted for a washed-out effect for the dining table.

White washed dining table coastal dining room

A nice sturdy table that seats up to six people, so perfect for small dinner parties and family dinners.

The worn weathered finish portrays an antique and coastal feel, the table legs are styled reminiscent of Provencal, and the top is hand carved.

The dining table is made from carefully selected, high-quality wood that is kiln-dried to remove any excess moisture, which helps prevent splitting.

Dining table for coastal dining room

The dining table measures 66 W x 42 D x 30 H inches, but the added bonus is that it can expand to 84 inches in length as it does have a hidden leaf. Priced at $1,100 and made from hardwood, this table should last you for quite a few years in your new coastal dining room.

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Stylish dining room chairs

Six chairs will fit comfortably around our dining table, but we have a cost for four chairs in our design.

Dining chairs for a coastal dining room theme

Keeping with our coastal dining room theme, we chose a natural woven rattan seat supported by unfinished mango wood legs.


The chair is a very modern shaped design and will look striking against the dining table. The chairs can be purchased in a set of two which is very reasonably priced at $472.84, and they measure 26.4W x 20.1D x 38.6H inches.

Coastal dining room banner

How to take care of rattan dining chairs

Rattan dining chairs are a great choice for a coastal dining room. They are made of natural materials and have an airy feel. But how do you take care of a rattan dining chair?


Rattan dining chairs can be used indoors or outdoors. If you use them indoors, they should be kept in a cool, dry place. If you use them outdoors, they should be kept in a shady spot.

To clean rattan dining chairs, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. You can also vacuum them if they start to collect dust.

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A beach-inspired wooden credenza

Storage for a coastal dining room area is very important. Easy access to dinner plates, glasses, table mats, and cutlery is paramount. Most families have a good set for dinner parties and an everyday set for family dining.

We selected the perfect storage in the form of a credenza inspired by the coastal theme and the color green.

Credenza for a coastal dining room

This beautiful four-door credenza will definitely add a pop of color to our coastal dining room.

The vintage washed and rubbed finish fits well into the dining room design, and the credenza has shutter-style door fronts, which reveal a very spacious interior that is shelved.

Credenza cabinet

The credenza can be placed up against a plain white wall as a focal point. The dimensions are 48.03W x 15D x 28.74H in, and it is priced at $902. Download our free PDF.


Dining in style with your own bar

A dinner party with guests in your coastal dining room could be elevated by incorporating your very own drinks station or bar.

For our design, we have incorporated a bar trolley.

Styled in the shape of a wooden globe, this quirky piece of furniture opens up to reveal a large bar. There is ample room for your spirits, wines, and glasses, and they are all easily accessible.

Bar cart for a coastal dining room

At the base of the globe is a handy extended table where you can store more bottles and glasses.

The whole globe is wrapped up in an old nautical map, and the base features renaissance era paintings – basically a complete work of art. The bar trolley is also available in three different colors.

Top of globe bar

To make your life so much easier, the bar trolley can be wheeled easily from the corner of your room, ready to serve your guests. Priced at $180.94 – a fantastic item to invest in and style up your coastal dining room.


The lighting for coastal dining

The ceiling pendant lighting

Overhead lighting is a must when dining at your table. It makes the dining experience more enjoyable, and your guests can see what they are eating – well, you put in all of the effort to cook the food, and you may as well show off with your plating skills.

Over our dining room table and an added focal point, we are installing pendant lighting with a nautical feel to it.

Pendant lighting for coastal living room

This particular pendant light attaches to the ceiling by metal chains and will suit not only a coastal dining room but also a farmhouse-style decor.

The design resembles a basket and has a white-washed faux wood finish giving it a rustic beach feel to it.

ceiling light coastal dining room

If you are fortunate to have dimmable switches, this ceiling fixture will also work with them and will be great when you need to lower the lights a touch when enjoying after-dinner drinks.

The dining room light measures 38-1/2-inch width by 17-inch height and can be purchased for just $499.

Coastal dining room banner

Accent lighting for coastal dining

Accent lightin for a coastal dining room


Add to your dining room ideas with two woven table lamps on top of the credenza.

rattan table lamp

These rattan table lamps stand 27 inches high and are made from wicker, and have a drum shade.

The lamp design has been styled to a coastal style and is priced at $99.99 each.

The bottom pedestal of the base is 5 1/2″ wide x 1″ high. The shade is 14″ across the top x 16″ across the bottom x 10″ high. Weighs 4.18 lbs. Download the free PDF.

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Curtains for a coastal dining room

If your dining room space has windows, we need to add in either curtains or blinds. I think the curtains look more elegant in this coastal dining room decor, but it needs to have a modern feel to them.

Curtains for a coastal dining room

We have chosen a set of two panels that are available as blackout curtains. There are a variety of colors available, but we went for the mint color to keep within our coastal dining room ideas.


Measure your windows carefully when choosing your curtains to make sure you have the right length and width.

These curtains are also perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, etc., as they help prevent the daylight from shining through. They are made from 100% polyester and are very easy to clean. You can even put them in the tumble dryer on low heat. The price is just $27.00


Softening the floor with a rug

Our next choice of home decor is a coastal-style rug to warm up the wooden floor.

The rug will help create texture and pattern in the space and has a nautical style to it.

Coastal dining room rug

This five-foot by seven-foot rug has a coastal tone to it with a wave-type pattern.

coastal rug

The rug is very durable and made in Turkey. It might be wise to attach pads to the back to stop it from moving in other rooms, but with a dining room table on top of it, you probably won’t require them. The price for the rug is $83.


Additional decor and accents for our coastal dining room

I always find this is the fun part – adding accessories and accents to the final design. These are obviously all optional, but I feel that these particular choices fit in well with the theme.

Nautical mirror

A well-placed mirror can make a dining room look so much larger than it is. You may not want a mirror; you may decide on a piece of artwork or family photographs; whatever your choice, try to keep within the seaside theme.

mirror for coastal dining room

This rattan mirror is easy to hang and is coastal-inspired. Made in Indonesia, it measures 35″W and 35″H and will hang neatly above your credenza or storage cabinet.

Priced at $127, you can find the links on our free PDF.

coastal dining room mirror


Set sail with a model boat

Our coastal dining room now needs a little more styling, so we are going to add a model boat to our dining room design; what better nautical accessory?

boat model

This rustic model boat stands at just under 14 inches high and can be placed anywhere with a flat surface.

The boat is made from sturdy wood and is priced at just $25.

Coastal dining room banner

Flowers and plants for the dining room

Let’s now put some nature into the dining room by way of a plant and some artificial flowers.

Our tall fake 43-inch cheese plant stands majestically in the corner, giving a tropical vibe to the theme.

Coastal dining room plant

The price is $67, and all you need to do is regularly dust it down.

The final addition to our coastal dining room is a small vase of artificial flowers. You can use real flowers but keep them simple.

These baby breath flowers are 1.64 ft, and there are four in a pack. Made from silk and cloth, just pop them into your favorite vase for just $14.


Our final design for a coastal dining room

Coastal dining room PDF

The total cost for the furniture and accessories in the mood board comes to just under $4,200, which includes –

  • 1 x dining room table
  • 4 x rattan dining chairs
  • 1 x large rug
  • 1 x credenza
  • 1 x ceiling fixture
  • 4 x panels of curtains – mint green
  • 1 x bar trolley
  • 2 x table lamps
  • 1 x model boat
  • 1 x wall mirror
  • 1 x pack of 4 fake flowers
  • 1 x tall cheese plant.


So get decorating and create your coastal dining room on a budget.


What embodies the coastal design style?

Coastal design is marked by natural elements, light hues, and a focus on relaxation, drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the beach environment.

Which colors best capture the essence of a coastal dining room?

Embrace light and airy shades like white, complemented by blue and green accents, to mirror the serene beach atmosphere.

How do I maintain the quality of rattan dining chairs?

Ensure they are kept in cool, dry places. Clean them with a damp cloth or vacuum occasionally to prevent dust accumulation.

What lighting options enhance the coastal dining ambiance?

Opt for overhead pendant lights with a nautical touch and supplement with woven table lamps for a complete coastal feel.

How can storage be seamlessly integrated into a coastal dining setting?

Incorporate beach-inspired wooden credenzas or cabinets, ensuring they provide easy access to essentials while complementing the coastal theme.

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