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If you have just installed gray flooring in your home, then you are probably trying to find the best wall color for the gray floors.

Gray floors can be beautiful, but they can also be challenging to decorate.

In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to design a room that has gray floors.

We will also recommend some colors that will look great with a room that has a gray floor.

Best colors for gray flooring

So what is the best wall color for gray floors?

Best color for gray floors PDF download

If you want to achieve a modern look in your home, then you should consider painting your walls white. White walls can help to reflect light, and they will also make your room look more spacious.

Grey floor with high reflective white walls

A nice white is from the range from Sherwin Williams called High Reflective White.

High Reflective White

The white will give a modern, sleek appearance, and you can furnish your home with more contemporary pieces and soft furnishings.


Best wall color for gray floors – bold colors

If your room is large, you may want to add a pop of color to your room, then consider painting one wall in a bold color creating an accent wall.

We have several examples here, which are quite bold. The first is from Benjamin Moore, which is called Ravishing Red.

Ravishing Red - Benjamin Moore

Again, another contemporary color to go with the gray flooring will certainly make a great accent wall if you have modern furniture, or in a living room, a white sofa will certainly pop.

Grey floor with Ravishing Red accent wall

Another bold color is Smokehouse by Sherwin Williams, a really good choice for an accent wall in a dining room or feature wall in a living room or bedroom.

Smokehouse by Sherwin Williams

This particular color will work with Rustic, Farmhouse, or Industrial styles.

Match in furniture in creams, white, or tans, and play about with a mood board until you have your perfect combination.

Grey floor with Smokehouse - Sherwin Williams

My final bold color is by Benjamin Moore; it reminds me a little of the color of an eggplant.

Wenge - Benjamin Moore

This particular paint color is Wenge which gives a very bold statement but will certainly pop against your gray flooring.

Grey floor with Wenge paint by Benjamin Moore


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Best wall color for gray floors – lighter shades

Gray floors can also look great with walls that are light blue or green. These colors will help to create a calming atmosphere in your home.

A choice from the range from Sherwin Williams is Mint Condition which is from the range of pale greens.

Mint Condition - Sherwin Williams

A nice fresh color that can be painted on each wall or just an accent wall. This color is great on walls that have a tropical theme or country farmhouse.

Grey floor with Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams

Moving on to blue walls, we have a paint from Sherwin Williams called Soar.

Soar paint - Sherwin Williams

Gray floors will look great with this particular blue shade, and it works particularly well if you are looking for a coastal theme in a living area, dining room, or bedroom.

Grey floor with Soar - Sherwin Williams


Gray flooring carpet

If you don’t have gray hardwood flooring or laminate, but you do have gray carpet, it doesn’t matter; the colors will work just the same.

The only thing you will have to bear in mind when working on your interior design is to watch the shade of your carpet with the shade of your paint colors.

My final paint color is from Benjamin Moore, called Weimaraner.

Weimaraner - Benjamin Moore

A mid-brown color for the wall or walls works well with Farmhouse, Rustic, or Boho.

Grey floor with Weimaraner


How to style a dining area with gray floors

So for this mood board, we are going to create a space with a pop of color.

Let’s be brave and go for Benjamin Moores’ Ravishing Red and use it for an accent wall in the dining area.

Accent wall of ravishing red - best color for gray floors

On the remaining walls, we will use Reflective White by Sherwin Williams.

High Reflective White Paint


How to choose between eggshell paint and semi-gloss paint colors

If you are trying to decide between an eggshell paint finish or a semi-gloss paint, then there are a few things that you should consider.

If you want your space to have a more modern look, then you should consider using semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint can also be easier to clean than eggshell paint.

If you are looking for a more traditional look, then you should consider using eggshell paint. Eggshell paint can also help to create a more soothing atmosphere in your area.

Download this Free Best Color For Gray Floors PDF

Furniture choice to complement the gray floors

As we have selected quite a modern, vibrant color to bring out the light gray floors, I am toning down the dining furniture.

We already have some warmth in the red wall tones, so for the dining table, I have chosen a marble pedestal table inspired by Eero Saarinen.

Marble top dining room table

The table features an aluminum base that is strong and durable enough to hold the top. The top of the table has been made from a smooth Carrara marble with a beveled edge.

The sale price is $3,099 from France and Son.

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What is Carrara marble?

Carrera marble is a type of marble that is found in the Carrara region of Italy.

Carrera marble is known for being white or blue-gray in color.

Carrera marble can also have veining that is either light or dark.

If you are looking for a luxurious look in your home, then Carrera marble might be the right choice for you.

Carrera marble can be used in a variety of ways, including on countertops, floors, and even walls.

If you are considering using Carrera marble in your home, then you should contact a professional to help you with the installation.


Chairs to complement the dining table

The table is quite white, and marble does have a cold feel to it, so the chairs I have chosen are classic curved wingback chairs.

Chairs for dining table

The chairs are in a smoke-hue color and are supported by iron legs with 100% polyester material.

Best color for gray floors dining chair

Offering comfort for dining during the day or evening, you can pick these chairs up for $559 each from France and Son.


The storage cabinet

The final piece of furniture in our dining area is a credenza. This is to store any glassware or crockery.

Credenza dining room

This particular credenza is 69.00″w x 16.00″d x 30.00″h and is made from Mango and Iron.

The color is a vintage brown with a highlighting texture and supported on a slim iron base.

best color for gray floors credenza

A beautiful piece that will add to your dining interior design, and it can be purchased from France and Son for $1,518.


Lighting up the gray flooring

As normal, I choose two different types of lights. Sometimes a ceiling light and a floor standing light and in some cases, ceiling light with table lamps.

I have chosen a large ceiling light for this dining area, and I have focussed it over the dining table.

Dining room light

A very elegant light that matches well with the interior design of the room.

This is a nine-light crystal chandelier with smoke faceted crystals to shine a very pleasant light over your dining table.

This stunning chandelier comes complete with an adjustable chain measuring 36 inches, so it can work for both high and low ceilings.

chandelier grey flooring

This unique ceiling light is available from Walmart for just £239.99 and will also look great in a hallway or living area as well.

Accent lights for the space

Our accent table lamps are two tones, antique brass and gray. The gray cotton shades add a pop of color against the white walls and are perfect for subtle lighting during dark evenings.

Table lamps x two

The light’s overall dimensions are 20.00″w x 20.00″d x 28.50″h and are available from France and Son. They are a little on the high-budget side at $600 a piece, but definitely worth the investment.

table lamps


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Adding soft furnishing to our gray floors

Panels of curtains in a neutral color

The color of a curtain can tone down any pop of color on an accent wall. In this case, we have incorporated two white curtain panels in a heavy, rich white linen fabric.

curtain for dining room

These curtains have a three-inch pole pocket and come in varying sizes and shades of color.

They make the area brighter and light, and airy. These panels are reasonably priced from just £72 a panel.

Please be sure to measure your curtain width and length correctly to ensure a good fit.

white curtains


Adding some texture to the gray flooring

As floors can look quite cold, we are warming up the area with a textured rug of a simple and clean design.

Rug picture for gray floor

The Georgia collection from Walmart has warm neutral colors, and there is a range of sophisticated designs to choose from.

Our particular choice, as we wanted to add some pattern, is a 7-foot by 10-foot rug in a class trellis design.


The rug is made from 100% cotton and is very easy to clean whilst still staying soft under your feet.

Priced at just £120 from Walmart, it will look perfect under the dining room table.


Wall decor to contrast the gray flooring

A framed canvas print can be a talking point when you are socializing with friends at your dinner table.

Let’s pull in some reds, greys, and black tones for the wall by hanging an abstract framed canvas print.

Wall art for grey flooring

The wall art extends to around 24″x36″x3 and is priced at $119.99. Measure your wall accurately to make sure it is wide enough for whatever wall you decide to hang it on. Download our free PDF below for a shopping link.


Adding some final touches to soften your gray flooring

You may already have decor that you want to include in your interior design, but to add to ours, we have found a simple brass sculpture to sit on our credenza between the table lamps.

sculpture grey floors

The sculpture stands around 17.5 inches and is called Andromeda. Art is always a personal choice, so if you would rather have an alternative, shop around for the right look. Our sculpture is priced at $350 and is available from France and Son.


A vase for the floor

Our final piece is a floor-standing vase with simple pampas grass or artificial flowers.

Large brown and white vase

I have actually included two vases which add a designer element to the room. These are quite tall vases as they stand around just under 40 inches. Priced at $135 dollars each from Walmart.


The final design for our wall color for gray flooring


So there you have it. Gray flooring, with a pop of ravishing red on an accent wall and furnishings to tone the whole room down.

Our full package comes to just under $9,100 for the whole room. Download this Free Best Color For Gray Floors PDF

As I always say, paint, flooring, and wallpaper are not included as we do not know how much paint you need for your walls.

The design includes some quite expensive pieces, so you are quite free to swap out accordingly; you may even just like one piece to fit in with your choice of paint colors or gray hardwood flooring.

This particular package includes –

  • The rug
  • The dining room table
  • 4 x dining chairs
  • 2 x panel curtains
  • 1 x credenza
  • 2 x table lamps
  • 1 x crystal chandelier
  • 2 x vases
  • 1 x large artwork
  • 1 x sculpture

If you would like a more personalized design, please do contact us, and let us help you make the magic happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do gray floors go with gray walls?

Gray floors can go with gray walls, but it is important to consider the overall design of your room.

If you want to achieve a contemporary look, then you should consider painting your walls white. You can also add pops of color by using colorful throw pillows or rugs.


Why is gray flooring so popular?

Gray flooring is popular because it can give a room a contemporary look. Gray floors can also be easy to match with other colors.

If you are trying to decide if gray flooring is right for you, then you should contact a professional to help you with the selection and installation process.

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