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by | Oct 14, 2023

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Time for a change?

Interior looking a little drab? Where do I start? How do I design this interior?

The key to creating a successful stylish interior design is to implement a little planning before choosing and purchasing the paint.

If you can answer three main questions successfully you are halfway there. Remember the three W’s – Who, What and When.

WHO is going to use this room?

A very straightforward answer usually comes to mind, but you need to focus on who is going to use that room THE MOST. You may think that this is an odd way to approach your project, but in theory with careful planning and thought you could save yourself some expensive mistakes.

So let’s start with the sitting room. It’s not just a case of picking out a comfy sofa, throwing down a rug and screwing the TV to the wall, and slapping some paint on the walls. Exactly who will be using this room? An elderly couple? A college student who likes the odd party? A young couple who just want to entertain at the weekends and relax during the week? A middle-aged couple with two teenage children who need ready access to an X-Box? Once you have considered this question you can start to plan a little.

Transforming a kitchen you also need to keep in mind who will be using it. Does that person like to cook? Or is it just a quick-fix microwave meal and a fridge full of beers? Is there a potential Gordon Ramsay in the house, or two, and if so, will there be ample room for both of them to create culinary wonders?

This leads us on to the next question –

What are they going to do in that room?

So, for example, let’s get back to the sitting room.

Think of the items that are essential to that room. Will there be a lot of electrical gadgets? Do I need to utilize the space for entertaining very often? What about storage, do I need any?

The same applies to the kitchen. If there are no keen cooks in the house do I need all the latest electronic gadgets that may never be used, hence utilizing the space for other more appropriate items? If I have a breakfast counter how many people will regularly be seated in the kitchen? Do I have room for a dining table/nook as well?

Considering these questions will give you a much better planned out space and avoid costly mistakes.

The final question to approach is WHEN. When are they going to use that room?

When will this room be used? All day? Evenings? Mornings? Once you have established the answer you can then plan lighting, furniture, paint, and colors. How is the light through the relevant windows and doors going to affect the paint colors? Do I have a space to sit and read if I choose an area that has plenty of light? If I want to sit and watch the TV during the day, how will the sun affect the TV screen? If there is too much light during the long summer days do I need curtains, or should I opt for blinds to darken the room a little?

As you have probably begun to realize these three main questions will start you help to achieve some balance and functionality to the final outcome of your room and avoid the unnecessary purchase of items that you find you no longer need to buy.

Different rooms have different tasks, just like different people have different needs.

A spare room for example can be used as an office, but why have an office if you don’t need one? If you enjoy reading why not have a reading room, eliminating the need for a desk but possibly a nice comfy sofa bed that will double up should you have guests over to stay for the night? If you don’t read or need an office, what do I do that will benefit the needs of my lifestyle? A spare room has a multitude of uses, arts and crafts, a small home gym, a wine/beer chill-out room, a games room, the list is endless, but it is down to whether it suits the person who is going to use the area.

These three questions apply to any room in your house, the basement, the bedroom, the kitchen, the sitting room, even the dining room and garden.

It is important you get it right so with some careful planning you are on your way.

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Stylish Interior Design offer a FREE consultation service. We will vist you and discuss your requirements – no matter how small or large your plans are. Either drop us a line or please feel free to give us a call.

Get In Touch

Stylish Interior Design offer a FREE consultation service. We will visit you and discuss your requirements – no matter how small or large your plans are. Either drop us a line or please feel free to give us a call.

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