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Creating a perfect beach-themed living room on a budget

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Beach Themed Living Room on a Budget: How to Create a Coastal Feel in Your Living Room

Beach themed living room board

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If you’re looking for a way to create a beach-themed living room on a budget, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we will discuss how to incorporate coastal colors, art, furniture, and accessories into your living room design.

A beach-themed living room can be the perfect way to relax and escape the everyday stress of life. So if you’re ready to take your interior design skills up a notch, keep reading!

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What colors are in beach-themed living rooms?

There are a few key colors that are commonly used in coastal-style living rooms.

The first is blue. Blue is often associated with the ocean, making it the perfect choice for a coastal-style living room.

Loyal Behr Paint

Another popular color is green. Green can represent the lush vegetation you would find near the beach.

Sky High Sherwin Williams

And last but not least, white is also a popular choice for beach-themed living rooms. White symbolizes the sand and can help to create a feeling of light and airiness in the room, just like a beach house.

Ultra white by Behr


Incorporating colors into your beach-themed living room ideas

Now that you know what colors to use let’s discuss how to incorporate them into your beach-themed living room design.

One way to add beachy colors to your living room is through the use of paint. You can paint one accent wall in a blue or green hue, or you could paint all of the walls.

If you want to really go all out, you could even add a mural or wallpaper with a beach theme. Or, if you are not that adventurous, just stick to white walls.

Another way to incorporate beach colors into your living room is through the use of furnishings and accessories. Look for furniture in tones of blue, green, and white.

And don’t forget to add some beach-themed accents like seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. You can even find beach-themed artwork to hang on the walls.

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Our beach-themed living room is on a budget.

Beach Themed Living Room

For our living room, we have selected wallpaper rather than paint. You can select paint, paper, or even a mixture of both. Pick up samples and put them together on a mood board, and see what appeals to you the most.

When you have a selection that you like, start painting small sections on walls to see if you like the color and, more importantly, that it fits in with the beach style.

stick on wallpaper

Our choice of wallpaper has very thin pale blue and white stripes going through it. The wallpaper is from the range that you can peel and stick and is eco-friendly.

Wallpaper in beach themed living room

The paper comes in a variety of lengths and goes on the walls just like a sticker.


Will peel and stick wallpaper last?

Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add beach-style colors to your living room. But how long will it last?

Well, that depends on a few factors. The first is the quality of the wallpaper. If you buy cheap wallpaper, it’s likely that it won’t last very long. But if you invest in high-quality wallpaper, it can last for years.

Another factor that will affect the lifespan of your wallpaper is how well you take care of it. If you’re constantly peeling and sticking it, it’s not going to last as long as you take good care of it. So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


Natural wooden floor design

As always, work with the floor that you have unless you have the budget to change it.

Our particular design incorporates a laminate, natural wooden floor in a very pale color.

Beach type laminate flooring

The cost of this depends on what type of flooring you select and also whether you need someone to install it.

A living room that has a lot of foot traffic would probably benefit from something a little hard-wearing. If it is more of a casual area, you could find something less expensive.

If you have pets, laminate is a good choice as it is more hard-wearing when it comes to dogs’ nails, etc.


Beach-themed interior lighting.

Lighting for our coastal living room on a budget is going to be a subtle affair.

We need some accent lights for a soft glow in the evenings, and we also need the main pendant light for everyday use.

Our main light is in the form of a rattan lampshade which sits perfectly within the theme and brings a warm brown element into the themed living room.

Rattan ceiling light photo

Our particular light is handmade and eco-friendly. The light will also omit a warm glow in the living room and can also work with Boho designs as well.

The natural material is very hard-wearing and will last for many years, so if you ever decide to redecorate, you could find another room for it. Download the free beach-themed living room PDF.

Rattan ceiling shade


Accent beach-themed lights

Our accent lights are for subtle lighting during the evening, when watching the TV, or reading a book.

Keeping with the coastal-style living room on a budget, we chose two blue and white accent lights which fit perfectly on a wooden cabinet.

Table lamps on cabinet

This Narim light has a contemporary feel to it but can sit within our beach-themed living room. The shade is made from 100% cotton, and the lamp itself is from glass and iron in the shape of a harp.

The lamp stands at around 23 inches and has a good length of the cord of around 60 inches. The graduated pattern on the base of the lamp replicates the tide of the sea, which is why I chose this particular lamp.


Beach-themed living room furniture ideas.

The coastal living room sofas

For this beach-themed living room on a budget, we have selected not one but two white sofas.

White sofa beach tthemed living room

White can be unforgiving when it comes to stains and marks, so if you have little ones, it may not be the best choice. Having said that, you could opt for a leather white sofa which will be easier to clean.

Our design is for a grown-up beach-themed living room, but as I said, things can be adapted to suit your living circumstances.

This sofa has cozy dense foam padding, which is covered in a white polyester fabric. The subtle rubberwood legs add to the contemporary but beach-themed living room ideas and are budget-friendly.

The sofa is about 70 inches wide, and 31 inches in length and is very reasonably priced at $962 for each sofa. The rounded cushions are also complemented by two white accent pillows, but we will be adding more pillows later in our design.


A TV cabinet fit for a beach house

A TV cabinet in a beach-themed living room is always great for storage and obviously for the TV. You can use it for your best glasses and drinks if your living room is more of a formal affair. If you want to use it for a family room, you can store board games, the X-box, and other items in it.

This wooden TV cabinet has a very beach house feel to it.

Beach theme living room credenza

The cabinet is made from solid mango wood, which is hardwood and has dense grains. The wood has the strength to bear the weight of a TV and also stand up to any wear and tear.

Within the design of the cabinet, you have three good-sized drawers, one open cabinet, and one large closed cabinet. The cabinet has also been polished and lacquered.

Measuring a good size at approximately 52 inches in length, it will give you an eye-catching piece in your coastal living room.

We incorporated the cabinet into the design but without a TV and adapted it to display accent lights and a couple of beach-themed pieces of decor.


Coastal living room coffee table

Coffee table in mango wood

A coffee table between two sofas is our next piece of wooden furniture. Centrally situated on a rug, the coffee table is the place for your drinks, book, or a piece of decor.

The mango wooden table is not only beautiful but durable and stable as well. The table connects well with the other furniture in the living room and warms the room with its natural brown shades.

Measuring 31.5 inches square and 15.7 inches high –

Download the free beach-themed living room PDF


Space for a bookcase

Our final piece of large furniture comes in the shape of a boat bookcase made from, you’ve guessed it, mango wood.

Mango wood bookcase

Lovely addition to our beach-themed living room on a budget. If you don’t want a bookcase choose another piece of furniture, like a bar or display cabinet.

This particular piece of furniture has four shelves and can display your books in a very attractive setting. The piece has been finished with lacquer and polish and pairs perfectly with the cabinet and table. Free PDF below for more ideas.


Soft furnishings for a coastal living room

Curtains in shades of blue

A slight designer touch with these curtains by Gap for your windows. They have a cross-themed design and are certified free from chemicals.

The panels are available in two different sizes, are modern and bright, and have a three-inch pocket top to slide your curtain rod into and look great on white walls.

Beach living room curtains

The design was actually drawn from Gap’s iconic striped shirt, and they are made from organic cotton. The price in our Shopping list below is for two panels.


The perfect rug

Carrying on with our soft furnishings, we now focus on softening the floor with the perfect area rug. The calming navy, turquoise, and grey colors will add a coastal vibe to your flooring.

Blue and grey rug

The rug is available in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your beach-themed living room. They have been machine woven in Turkey and are 100% polypropylene with a low pile.

The added bonus of this particular area rug is that it is stain resistant and just needs a good vacuum every so often.


Throw Pillows for a coastal living room

The final items in our design for a beach living room on a budget are the pillows.

Who doesn’t love a good selection of pillows?

throw pillows beach house

Our coastal living room deserves to have nautical throw pillows, so we chose a selection in shades of blue and white.

The lighter pillows to the right of the image come in a set of two. The pale blue and white pillow has a nautical emblem, and the smaller rectangular pillow comes with a geo-pattern design.

The only snag is that the covers are not removable, but you can put them in the washing machine, but be gentle with them.

The navy throw pillow has a tufted trellis design with corner tassels and is made from 100 percent cotton. The navy pillow is larger, measuring 20 x 20, so not only are you getting a solid color but different textures and sizes.

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Beach house home decor

We finish our design with some accents.

Ocean wall art

Boat coastal theme painting

We actually based some of our design around the colors of the wall art, which is a boat at sea. The different shades of blue and white and hints of gold we found quite attractive to feature on our wall.

This particular piece of art is entitled Blue Sails and is stretched on a 1.5-inch sustainable wood frame. This is not an original but a print but can be purchased in various sizes. Download the free beach-themed living room PDF


Mirror on the wall


Above the TV cabinet, we have added a dark framed mirror. If you have a small room, a mirror always helps to give the illusion of creating space.

This is in the higher price bracket, but you could always choose a different mirror, which may be made from driftwood or with a sisal frame. Our particular choice comes in a variety of sizes and has quite a cool-looking frame. Free PDF below.


Boat decor

In many a boat house, you may catch a glimpse of a painting of a boat or an ornament. We found this quirky boat which looks perfect on our TV cabinet.


Our wooden sailboat comes complete with a starfish and rope with an anchor. The natural-looking materials will fit perfectly into any interior design for a beach living room. Very reasonably priced at just $19.99. The shopping list is below.


Finally, the greenery in your space.

Adding a touch of greenery to your living room design will bring nature into the living room. As you will see throughout my blogs, I always select an artificial plant to fill a space with something natural looking.

artificial plant

We have included this plant within our overall beach-themed living room as we feel it finishes it off nicely.

The artificial palm stands around 5.5 feet and has been carefully crafted to mimic a real palm. Does it bring back memories of sitting on a beach yet?


The final beach-themed living room on a budget.

Beach themed living room board

So putting it all together, we have created a beach house look that will update any living room, small or large.

The total look comes to approximately $3,600 (excluding wallpaper, paint, or flooring). Even the sofas are included within this budget, so if you are starting from scratch in your room, why not check out the Shopping List?

Download the free beach-themed living room PDF


Beach themed living room - guide

Beach themed living room measuring

Beach themed living room wallpaper





What is a coastal living room?

A coastal living room is a beach-themed room that incorporates the colors, furniture, and accessories of the sandy beach into the design. Coastal living rooms are perfect for relaxing and escaping the everyday stress of life.

They can be decorated in a variety of ways, but most often, they incorporate blue, turquoise, and white into the design.


How do I make my room look beachy?

There are a few things you can do to make your house look coastal. The first is to use beach-themed colors like blue, turquoise, and white in your design – think of the sea and sandy beaches.

You can incorporate these colors through paint, wallpaper, bright fabric, furniture, natural textures, and accessories.

Another way to make your house look coastal is to add or create beach-themed accents like seashells, driftwood, starfish, sisal rope, and sand dollars. And finally, you can find beach-themed artwork to hang on the walls.

By following these tips, you can easily give your house a coastal look.



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