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by | May 13, 2022

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Coastal Bedroom Design Idea

The smell of the salty sea air, the crush of the waves, the feel of sand between your toes. Are you getting the picture? Having an apartment or a house by the sea is what most of us dream of. If you don’t have one, then think about creating your very own beach bedroom.

Cool blues, whites, and browns are an ideal combination as these colors replicate the sand, sea, and fluffy white clouds. Ultimately you are looking for a tranquil, serene look to the finished beach bedroom.

Check out some of my suggestions in this themed room. For this beach-themed room, we have picked out a nice tranquil color for the walls – Glimmer, manufactured by Sherwin Williams.

All of the walls can be painted this color; alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more rustic and coastal, take a look at the white timber paneling available in most DIY stores.

In Canada, you can pick up a really nice paneling in Home Depot. This is ideal as a feature wall, for example, behind the bed. Similarly, adding more white to the room comes in the form of Pure white, again by Sherwin Williams; it will also be a good idea to keep the ceiling white as well.

Mood board for a Beach retreat bedroom

Mood board for a Beach retreat bedroom

White bedding large

Bed duvet - White bedding

Think of the floor

Carpet is always the first choice in bedrooms as it is very cozy and warm, but for this particular bedroom, we are looking for a more coastal beach bedroom theme. Adding a good laminate like the type we have shown on the mood board will help to achieve the right effect.

It’s best to visit your local store and take a look at what they have in stock, possibly ask for a sample to take home if it helps.

Obviously, every bedroom needs a bed. If you already have a bed and don’t want to change the one you have, then consider replacing the headboard with a more natural finish. We have picked out this solid wood bed frame as it complements the overall look.

The duvet is from the Sweet Home Collection and comes in white, with a pinch pleat which will be ideal as the backdrop for our beach color cushions.

Soft furnishings are essential to break up the hardness of the wood, for example, the floor, bed, etc. Having an absolute fetish for cushions of all shapes and sizes, we would recommend these little gems in blue and white. Adding another pair in a sandy brown color will give some color to the bed.


Light up in wicker

Now let’s move on to the lighting. Table lamps are perfect for nighttime reading and also subtle accent lighting. These pale blue table lamps for your beach bedroom will fit right in; they also look great on these modern white and walnut nightstands by Baxton. The ceiling light is a natural wicker pearl shape.

Four drawer dresser large

Four drawer dresser large

Throw in an ornament or two

You can go wild with accessories, anything from starfish ornaments, nets with tiny fairy lights, or even a lighthouse, not the full size, of course. Here are a few favorites, which include a nice sage green throw.

This can be draped elegantly across a chair, as shown in the mood board, or alternatively across the bed. A driftwood mirror adds some interest to the walls, and the rug brings in the colors of the soft furnishings and softens the wooden floor.

Don’t forget to add some picture frames, flowers, and a couple of pieces of storage to enhance the beach scene further. Why not purchase a wicker basket to add at the bottom of the bed or in a corner of a room, as these are great for storing blankets, shoes, etc.

To keep the room light and airy, I have added some voile curtains in white; obviously, these will not keep out the sun, but you could always add a wooden horizontal blind for the evenings for added privacy. So get your flip-flops on and lie back and think of the Caribbean – you will be halfway there with this beach bedroom design.

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