Baby Boy Nursery – The Best Tips And Tricks On A Budget

by | Jul 27, 2022

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 These mood board designs are for inspiration for your next project.
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Ideas On How to Create a Baby Boy Nursery on a Budget

A baby boy nursery can be a fun and exciting project, but it can also be expensive. If you are looking to create a baby boy nursery on a budget, there are a few things you can do.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks for creating a budget-friendly baby boy nursery. We will also talk about the color blue, which is often associated with boys.

Why is the color blue used for boys?

One reason is that blue is a calming color. It has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Blue is also associated with the sky and water, which can give a baby boy’s nursery a serene feeling.

Indigo Blue - Sherwin Willaims

If you want to use a blue color scheme in your baby boy nursery, there are a few ways you can do so without breaking the bank. One way is to use blue paint. You can find some great deals on paint at your local home improvement store.

Alternatively, try patterned paper with a nice print to complement your decor.

Our design for a baby boy nursery

There are many different themed baby boy nursery ideas, but for this particular article, we are concentrating on the color blue. This is what we have come up with.

Download the FREE full mood board for a boy’s nursery room PDF

Mood Board Baby Boy Nursery


Mood Board – Baby Boy Nursery – Guide


Mood Board Baby Boy Nursery Guide


Mood Board – Baby Boy Nursery – Measuring

Mood Board Baby Boy Nursery Measuring


Mood Board – Baby Boy Nursery – Paints

Mood Board - Baby Boy Nursery - Paints

Mood Board – Baby Boy Nursery – Shopping page 1


Mood Board - Baby Boy Nursery - Shopping page 1


Mood Board – Baby Boy Nursery – Shopping page 2


Mood Board For The Baby Boy Nursery Shopping Page 2


Aside from the blue wall, we have created an accent wall in patterned paper. The room is bright with yellow tones in the cushions, rug, and tent to bring some warmth into the nursery.

Animal accents

We have animal accents in the form of art decor and bedding. It comes across as a mountain-themed nursery.

The wallpaper is from the adhesive range, and we explain how to install this in our other article, baby girl nursery.

You can hang this paper as a wall that will be the main focal point of the room or use it throughout your baby boy nursery. Shop the Look

Wallpaper in blue

Is it better to use paint or wallpaper?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to use paint or wallpaper in your baby boy nursery.

The first is cost. Paint is usually less expensive than wallpaper. The second is time. It can take longer to apply wallpaper than it does to paint a room.

Upward Paint Sherwin Williams

The third is durability. Paint can last for years if it is applied properly. Wallpaper can also last for years, but it is more susceptible to damage from water and humidity.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, paint is the way to go.

If you want something that will last longer, wallpaper might be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision is up to you!

Which wall should be the accent wall?

Once you have decided to use paint or wallpaper in your baby boy nursery, it is time to decide which wall will be the accent wall.

nursery boy wallpaper blue

The accent wall is the wall that will be the focal point of the room. It is often a different color than the other walls, or it has a design element that makes it stand out.

There are a few things to consider when choosing which wall to make the accent wall before you create your baby boy nursery.

What to consider when choosing the wall

The first is the size of the room. If you have a small room, you might want to choose a smaller accent wall. Shop the Look

blue strip paper

The second is the furniture in the room. If you have large pieces of furniture, you might want to choose a larger wall.

The third is a personal preference! Ultimately, you should choose the accent wall that you think looks best in your baby boy nursery.

Moving on with your baby boy nursery theme

Once you have made your choice, whether it be paint or wallpaper, we move on to the other items.

The crib is a personal choice, but if you are on a budget, it is worth checking out this particular one which is a six-in-one and very well priced. Shop the Look

White crib

What should I look for when buying a crib?

Now that you have decided on the color and what you intend to do with the walls for your baby boy nursery, it is time to start shopping for a crib.

When you are looking for a crib, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The first is safety. Make sure to choose a crib that meets all of the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The second is size. You want to make sure that the crib is the right size for your baby.

Grey Crib For the Nursery

The third is style. There are many different styles of cribs available, so you should choose one that fits your personal taste.

Cribs can start from just a few hundred dollars and can go up to thousands of dollars.

So organize your budget before you start to shop around and incorporate this into your baby boy nursery ideas.

How to choose curtains for a nursery

When you are choosing curtains for a nursery, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is the color of the curtains. You want to choose a color that complements the other colors in the room.

Blue Curtains

The second is the length of the curtains. You want to make sure that the curtains are long enough to cover the windows.

The third is the style of the curtains. There are many different styles of curtains available, so you should choose one that fits your personal taste.

The baby boy nursery accessories

We decided to brighten up the blue. Although it is a very calming color, it can come across as a little cold so add some warm tones to the nursery decor.

You can add warm colors very easily. It can be in the bedding, the furniture, or the rug.

straw carpet

Don’t forget we need texture to liven up the space as well. Different materials, such as sisal, wood, and accents.

In this particular case, we have softened the baby boy nursery with tones of yellows and brown.

The ceiling area has been softened using a rattan ceiling light which brings not only color but texture to the nursery as well. Shop the Look.

Rattan light for the nursery

Adding to the lights, we have included a night light in the shape of a mountain, perfect for when the baby is sleeping in the evening.

Table lamp mountain

We have added more accessories to the baby boy nursery, including a rocking chair made from a soft fabric and added some color with the addition of a cushion.

These cushion covers are extremely good value. Although there are only two featured in our mood board, the actual price is for four as they come in a pack. Shop the Look below.

pillow for boys nursery

Additional storage

Storage comes in the form of a very sleek looking four drawer cabinet. The wood trim matches the style of the crib and will be perfect in the baby boy nursery.

Toy storage is incorporated with a rattan basket. Not only does it add more texture and color, but it makes it easier to store the toys and for little hands to reach them as the baby boy gets older.

Toy basket


Let’s add some fake trees around the tent

Not one but two trees are included within our baby boy nursery ideas. We wanted to give it a mountain feel around the woodland animals and the tent.

Artificial tree

Again these trees are artificial, so there is no need to worry about watering them, and the price includes two trees. The trees also help to add more color to the baby boy nursery ideas.

The final pieces of decor in the baby boy nursery

For the finishing touches, we added a tent for a splash of color to tie in with the cushion covers and a woodland-themed nursery mobile along with a bear and mountain gray palette style artwork.

Wall art

So the whole look on our mood board, excluding paint, paper, and flooring, comes in at just $1,500. Obviously, your paper, if you choose to use it, will have to be calculated per roll depending on how many walls you are decorating.

The $1,500 includes:

  • Two-panel curtains in dark blue
  • Crib
  • Rocking Chair
  • 4 x cushion covers
  • 2 x artificial trees
  • A set of bedding
  • A rug
  • The tent
  • The rattan basket
  • The ceiling light
  • A night light
  • The chest of drawers
  • The four pieces of artwork
  • The mobile.

So a complete baby boy nursery at a great price and already in a boy nursery theme. All you need to do is Shop the Look.

For more ideas, see our baby girl nursery post.


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All prices are correct on the date of publishing this post.

The items within our Shop the Look selection are featured within our Mood Board/s, so you can purchase as many or as few as you want.

The Mood Board has been created to show you what can be achieved with the items that we have selected.



Removable wallpaper that is already pre-pasted. A perfect choice for your baby boy nursery.

WALMART –  Removable Wallpaper 9ft x 2ft – $59.20

Natural light

Rattan light for the nursery

A warm touch from this ceiling light is made from rattan. An idea to hang that will light up your baby boy nursery ideas.

WALMART – $137.99

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Table lamp mountain

A fun bedside lamp in the shape of a mountain with a soft glow. An LED light with a difference.

WALMART – $32.99

In the navy (blue)

Blue Curtains

Shut out the light from the baby boy nursery with these dark blue panel curtains. Very stylish and fits in with the decor perfectly.

Half Price Drapes – $134.99

Cushion chic

pillow for boys nursery

Sticking with the bold color we move on to the cushion covers. Accents are always important when bringing your baby boy nursery ideas to life. Four covers – means four cushions and tons of comfort.

WALMART – $28.49

Rainbows and moons

nursery boy wallpaper blue

Change up the paper in your baby boy nursery to rainbows and moons. A bold choice but a perfect focal point in the themed nursery.

WALMART – Roll 24in x 108in – $71.20


White crib

Sleep tight little one in this six-in-one crib. Constructed in natural wood and nice and bright for the nursery.

WALMART – $209.00

Rock-a-bye Baby

Reclining chair

A cozy and soothing rocking chair will take pride of place when choosing furniture for your nursery. Adjustable back and foot rests and available in different tones.

WALMART – $199.99

And so to bed

Nursery boy bedding

Bedding inspired by woodland friends. A cute print is available in three different colors for your baby boy to cuddle into.

WALMART – $149.99

Sustainable Sisal


Soft underfoot and a neutral color rug to pull together the floor of your baby boy’s nursery decor. Create a casual look with a natural flair and choose from a variety of colors.

WALMART – $31.65

Starry, starry night

Mobile for nursery

We all like to look at the stars on a clear night. Your baby boy will not have to travel far with this cute moon and star mobile rotating high above a woodland.

WALMART – $8.99

Subtle works as well


If subtle is your thing, add a cool vibe with this paper on a feature wall. To hell with it – do the whole room if it is in your budget.

WALMART -$53.80

Solid storage

Chest of drawers

Add some very chic storage to your baby boy nursery ideas. Solid wood and with four drawers, this is sure to last and fit beautifully in your nursery decor.

WALMART – $246.99

Woodland inspired

Wall art

Wall art in soft blue tones that will look gorgeous on any baby nursery wall. A complete set of four. Can you bear to be without them?

WALMART – $29.99

Toy Time


No nursery decor can be without toy storage. Add a neutral cotton rope basket and create more room for storing away all the fun at the end of the day.

WALMART – $25.99

Make space for a wigwam.


Time for some fun and in a bold color to bring some brightness into the nursery decor. This yellow striped print wig-wam will bring hours of fun.

WALMART – $43.09

A forest setting


I always say add a plant, why not a pretend tree which will sit perfectly in your forest-themed nursery decor. Not one but two. Add a stuffed animal or two, and we are in the woodland. These stand at 34 inches.

WALMART – $105.00

6-in-1 Convertible Crib

6-in-one crib

A baby boy nursery with a grey crib – plenty of storage as well and at a budget price. Another one that will fit perfectly in your themed nursery decor.

WALMART – $289.00

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