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How to Create an Art Deco Look Living Room

Art Deco Living Room Mood Photos

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your living room, why not try creating an art deco style?

This style originated in the roaring 1920s and 30s and is characterized by its sleek lines and elegant curves.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create an art deco style using furniture, curtains, soft furnishings, wallpaper, and paint. So read on and get inspired!

Download this Free Art Deco Living Room Mood Board


What are the design elements of Art Deco?

In order to create an Art Deco look in your living room, there are certain design elements that you’ll need to take into consideration when working on your interior design.

Geometric shapes

Art Deco interior design inspiration is all about clean lines and sharp angles. Look for furniture with geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, and triangles.

Large ceiling light for article art deco

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash


Mirrors are a key element of Art Deco design. They help to create the illusion of space and reflect light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious.


Gold, silver, and bronze are all typical materials used in Art Deco design. Incorporate metallics into your living room through furniture, accessories, or even paint.

Art Decor ornaments

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash


While Art Deco is known for its clean lines, it also incorporates curves into the design. Look for furniture with curved legs or arms, and consider adding a round coffee table to the room.


Patterned fabrics are often used in Art Deco interiors. To create an Art Deco-inspired look, choose fabrics with geometric or floral patterns.

Art Deco Floral patterns

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

Now that you know the design elements of Art Deco let’s take a look at how you can incorporate them into your living room.


When it comes to furniture, you’ll want to choose pieces that are both stylish and functional.

An Art Deco sofa should have clean lines and geometric shapes while also being comfortable enough for you to relax on.

A coffee table is another essential piece of furniture for an Art Deco living room. Look for one with curved legs or a glass top, which will help to create the illusion of space.


Curtains are a great way to add color and pattern to an Art Deco living room.

Look for curtains with geometric or floral patterns, and be sure to hang them high enough so that they don’t block any of the mirrors in the room.

art deco curtain brown

Soft furnishings

As we mentioned earlier, patterned fabrics are often used in Art Deco interiors. Add some personality to your living room with patterned cushions, throws, or rugs.

Wallpaper and paint

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to an Art Deco living room.

Look for wallpaper with geometric or floral patterns, and be sure to hang it high enough so that it doesn’t block any of the mirrors in the room.

If you prefer painting, then consider using metallic paint to add a touch of glamour to your space.

To find out information about design styles, visit our article – Home Decor Styles Explained.

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Our Art Deco living room – the walls

We started our interior design for an art deco living room with wallpaper, typical of art deco design.

Art Deco living room wallpaper

This particular wallpaper does not need any paste or glue and has a very typical art deco design in gold and white.

We paired the wallpaper with a very deep green paint from Sherwin Williams called Shamrock. The paint is a really good match with the wallpaper and makes the interior of the room pop.

Shamrock Sherwin Williams


Art deco-inspired lighting

For our lighting, we went for brass-finished ceiling lighting, which was a semi-flush fitting, totally suitable for a living room or even a dining room.

Art Deco ceiling light

Designed in the style of art deco and measuring 24 inches wide, this lamp will fit in with your art deco design. A very contemporary and elegant element for the center of your room.

Accent lighting for art deco living rooms

Accent lights are for subtle light, during the evening, at dusk, when overhead lighting becomes a little too harsh.

These particular modern lights have a sleek gold finish and stand 29.5 inches high. The bases also have very handy USB ports for charging your devices.

Art deco accent lighting

The lamp is a great example of Art Deco and really makes a bold statement against the deep color of the paint; they come with very attractive rectangular white shades, which gives a luxurious feel to the overall design.


Furniture for an art deco living room

As always, I start with a sofa when selecting the furniture. Not only have I considered the art deco style, but also the color.

With art deco, you need to be bold, but I would definitely recommend creating a mood board for your ideas and inspiration.

My choice is a deep green to work with the paint color.

jade green sofa

I’ve only picked one art deco-style sofa as I will be matching it up with accent chairs.

This particular sofa is made from premium velvet and has arm and backrests for maximum comfort and a bonus – it converts to a bed.

The base of the sofa is made from high-density foam, perfect for living rooms or even guest rooms in art deco interiors.

Another good detail with this piece of furniture is that it comes with five legs which give extra support when it is converted into a bed. Priced at $450


Accent chair for an art deco living room

To break up the deep colors and bring in some whites and gold, we do this by focussing on two very high-quality accent chairs.

A touch of luxurious cowhide is featured in the design of this particular art deco chair. The fabric is a champagne color, and the chair is supported by three brass legs. The elements are now tied into our art deco design.

Chair for art deco design

The chairs are at the higher end of a budget but when you are concentrating on an art deco design that oozes luxury, be prepared to spend a little more.


An art deco storage credenza

Our credenza has been inspired by the 1930s art deco era. The credenza has been finished in a matte black and has lucite and brass legs.

Measuring 72 inches wide and 28 inches high, the credenza will not only make a statement piece but will also give you plenty of storage in your art deco living room. Price $1,800.

Download this Free Art Deco Living Room Mood Board

Credenza art deco inspired


A bar cart for a touch of luxury

Think of Gatsby, the roaring 1930s and 1920s, martinis, and drinks on the rocks. What do you need – a bar cart? For more bar carts, visit our link Indoor Bars, for a wider range.

Our particular choice is a small bar cart constructed in iron with a brass finish. The coasters allow you to wheel the cart in and serve your guests a range of martinis.

Adding to the art deco feel is the mirror shelf where you can store your wines and glasses.

bar cart for art deco living room

For an instant bar and in the art deco style, download the free PDF.

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An art deco-inspired table

Once you have made the drinks you need somewhere to put them, add a very beautiful table to your art deco living room.

As with most of the furniture within our art deco design, we have incorporated a gold version that sits between the two accent chairs.

Art Deco centre coffee table

When you are not using the table for drinks, add a little decor in the form of a nice glass vase with fresh flowers or, alternatively, a small statue.

Comprising of a steel frame with a gold shape. No art deco interior design can be without one. Download the free PDF.


Soft furnishings for your art deco living room

With all of the hard edges, metal, and wood, we now need to soften down the design and add some soft furnishings in the form of curtains and throw pillows.

Considering we have wallpapered in a white geometric design around the window area, we have opted for a solid print in deep green for the curtain fabric.

Art Deco curtains green

The Eden plush velvet curtains are purchased in panels and various sizes. These curtains can only be dry cleaned, so if you want a more washable fabric that you can throw into the washing machine, it might be best to shop around.

Having said that, the velvet does give you the luxurious feel that you need for the art deco living room. Free PDF download below.


Art deco-inspired throw pillows.

Although we have picked out throw pillows in the same color as the sofa, we do get the contrast. The material is satin which is quite shiny against the velvet fabric.

Green Sofa section art deco living room

The pillows also have a geometric gold design which makes them pop against the sofa. Another choice could be a champagne-colored pillow or brown, but I think these fit our art deco style perfectly.

These are only pillow covers, so you already have pillows, but they are easy to wash, and the zippers are durable.


Decor for an art deco living room

Normally I choose a piece of art for a living room wall, and for this design, I have selected an ornate gold mirror in an art deco style. The reason for this is because the colors are quite dark, and it makes a room look larger.

Art deco mirror

The mirror measures 40 inches by 29 inches and can be hung either way. Made from sturdy iron and finished in gold.

If you have other walls that need attention, pick up a piece of art or print possibly reflecting the Gatsby era.


The tree for an art deco style

If you have read any of my other blogs, you will see I always like to add greenery. I am not a great one for plants, so I always opt for artificial, easy to look after, and it just needs dust to keep it clean.

Tree art deco style

This five-foot artificial palm looks great against the window and curtains and is a great space filler. Priced at just under $80, it will last you for many years to come.

The cabinet decor

art deco sculpture

Our final item is a piece of decor. I particularly like this piece as it is handmade from acacia wood in the shape of a leaf. To find out more about acacia wood, visit our outdoor bar section.


The Final Design for an art deco living room

The final design comes in at just under $5,600 for all of the items in the mood board, with the exception of the wallpaper, paint, and flooring. For more personal design ideas and decorating tips, please visit our E-design service.

Download this Free Art Deco Living Room Mood Board

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