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Ideas for an Accent Wall with a Fireplace: Interior Design Inspiration

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, why not consider adding an accent wall with a fireplace?

An accent wall

Accent walls can add personality and visual interest to any room, and when paired with a fireplace, they become the focal point of the space.

In this blog post, we will showcase an accent wall with a fireplace. So whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary designs, we’ve got you covered!

Accent wall with fireplace mood board pic

What type of fireplace should I install?

If you do not already have an area with a fireplace or need to update an existing fireplace, you need to start to decide on what type and style of fireplace will work best for you.

A previous project

Our particular project involved removing an old gas fireplace surround and gas fire and having the gas capped off, and the fireplace built into a partition wall. We had our fireplace installed in our basement lounge/bar entertainment area to make it cozy.

TV Lights on in the basement feature photo

We picked out an electric fireplace and had it installed higher so we could see the flames from across the room when seated at the bar behind the sofa. See our blog on 15 modern bar ideas on basements.

The interior design was based on a contemporary look.

Accent wall ideas with fireplace banner


What are the pros and cons of electric and gas fires?

One of the main benefits of electric fireplaces is that they are very easy to install.

Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, require a bit more work. But once you have a gas fireplace installed, you’ll never have to worry about refilling it with wood or electricity.

Another pro of electric fireplaces is that they can be placed anywhere in your home, as long as there is an outlet nearby. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, need to be vented to the outside.

So, what are the cons of electric fireplaces?

One of the biggest drawbacks is that they can be quite expensive to run. Electric fireplace inserts can cost up to $200 per year to operate, while gas fireplace inserts can cost as little as $50 per year.

Additionally, electric fireplaces don’t provide the same level of heat as gas fireplaces. So if you’re looking for a fireplace that will keep you warm all winter long, a gas fireplace might be a better option.

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What wall should be the fireplace accent wall?

Once you have decided on the type of fireplace you want, you need to decide where you want to install it.

Gas, as mentioned before, will not be as flexible; however, electric fireplaces make picking out a wall far easier, as you just need a power point.


How high on the wall should an electric fire be?

When it comes to fireplaces, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the size and style of your fireplace, as well as the height of your ceilings.

If you have a small fireplace, you might want to mount it lower on the wall so that it doesn’t get lost in the space.

Conversely, if you have a large fireplace, you might want to mount it higher on the wall to make a statement.

Contact a professional

Ultimately, it’s up to you! Just make sure that your electric fireplace is mounted securely and that all electrical connections are made by a qualified professional.

Having determined where the fireplace accent wall will be, you now need to decide on paper or paint colors.


Accent wall ideas with fireplace – what we designed

accent wall ideas with marble effect wallpaper

The room that we designed the fireplace accent wall ideas around was the living room. We will cover other rooms in the house later in our blog, like the bedroom, dining room, etc.

In this particular living room, we wanted to have a more contemporary modern feel with a little luxury thrown in for good measure.

The fireplace choice

The fireplace is available from Walmart around and has a width of 60 inches.  It can be installed into the wall or flush mounted. You can mount it onto the wall.

Accent walls ideas with Electric fireplace

There are two heat settings – 750w and 1500w, and it stimulates a real flame in 12 different colors. You can also adjust the glow of the fire, and this can be done with remote control from the comfort of your sofa. Download the free PDF below.


Different materials for the accent wall

So many different looks can be created around a feature fireplace on a wall. For instance, a brick feature wall, shiplap, tile, natural stone, concrete, wallpaper, wood panels, or paint, if you want to blow the budget, look at marble.


Our choice of wall covering for the accent wall

As marble is very expensive, we opted for a marble effect wallpaper. You could mount paneling on the wall with a granite effect, but it all depends on the type of budget you have.

The wallpaper is available from Walmart and is the peel-and-stick variety and will make the fireplace accent wall pop. You can put this up around the built-in fireplace to give it a modern look.

Black marble wallpaper accent wall ideas

Not only can you use this wallpaper for walls, but you can also stick it to countertops, dressers, shelves, and panels.

The roll is 16 x 160 inches, and it is made from durable vinyl materials; there are handy grid lines on the back paper for easy measuring and cutting. The wallpaper is also safe for children and does not need extra glue. You can order the paper online for around $16.99 a roll.

The paint choice

The remaining walls around the fireplace accent wall are in bright white to make the accent wall pop.

The paint for the white walls is High Reflective White which we featured in our previous article ‘Best Color for Gray Floors.’

White walls


Fireplace accent wall – ideas for the furniture

In keeping with the contemporary feel, we selected a selection of modern furniture in the mid to high price range. Some of the items are quite expensive, but others are more affordable if you are on a lower budget. You can always replace our items with something more similar to suit your needs and requirements.

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White modern sofas for the room

White modern sofas for accent wall ideas

Time to include a couple of modern white sofas in the living room, which will be positioned in front of the fireplace accent wall.

You could swap these sofas out with a variety of different colors, including black, dark grey, tan, brown, or whatever suits your color palette.

Our choice

These particular sofas are made on a sturdy wood frame on black legs and come complete with seven throw pillows. There is also a no-sag spring support system feature within each sofa, and the fabric is polyester. Price at $726 each, two of them are featured opposite each other in front of the fireplace accent wall, which lets your guests enjoy the fire.

White sofa


Storage ideas in the modern living room

Chilling by the fireplace with a glass of wine, or something on the rocks, on a Saturday night sounds idyllic. So for our storage ideas, we added The Elinmore accent cabinet to break up part of the white walls.

Cabinet for the lounge

The cabinet is a very sophisticated piece and can be used for just general storage or the odd bottle of drink and glasses.

There are three doors in a warm door brown with a geometric design and gold-tone finished metal hardware. The cabinet is about 58 inches in width and stands around just under 37 inches.

Priced at just under $620, this is a cabinet that will fit beautifully in the fireplace accent wall ideas. Download the Free PDF below.



An architectural bookshelf

Nothing can compete with a good book, your glass of wine, and a roaring fire.

Book shelves accent wall ideas

The Frankwell Bookcase is such a cool design for your modern living room. The offset shelves will certainly create a focal point on either side of the accent wall.

The bookcase is metal with a gold finish and measures 36 inches in width, and stands around just over 70 inches. The shelves are gray-tinted glass and are ideal for your books, sculptures, or small plants.

book case gold

Priced at just $289.99 from Ashley Furniture, you can download the shopping list below.

Accent wall ideas with fireplace banner


Space for a coffee table in the center

Coffee tables or side tables are normally featured in any living room.
We selected an architectural piece for the coffee table as we wanted to place it in front of the fireplace accent wall.

Modern coffee table for accent wall ideas

This is not one table but three, and the designer has labeled it as ‘bunching cocktail tables.

The designer was actually inspired by the work of the Minimalist sculptors and has had this set of tables constructed in hardwoods and the base of brass.

Coffee table

Each piece is inspected and is well sought after by designers both in Europe and in the US. Measuring 77 inches in width, 16 inches high, and 32 inches deep. The price is $4,724, but that is what you pay for good-quality pieces.

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Lighting ideas for your fireplace accent wall

As with any room design, we like to have ceiling lights with accent lights.

A modern look for the ceiling

Bringing in warmer tones in the form of gold, we selected a ceiling light to sit within the center of the room, just over the two sofas and coffee tables.

ceiling light for accent wall ideas

The gold ceiling light is quite bold against the coldness of the marble effect wallpaper and creates yet another focal point in the room. This ceiling light is about 31 inches in width and is powered by LED bulbs, and is currently on offer at $598.



Table lamps next to our fireplace accent wall

Next to the feature wall and set on the cabinet, we have two very simple but modern table lamps.

Table lamps for accent wall ideas with fireplace

These two faux gray concrete table lamps are very contemporary and have a brass tone finish. Adding warmth and picking up the brass tones within the living room.

The chic black shade with a gold-tone interior adds to the modern look, and there is a three-way switch. This is a very easy way to add accent lights to the living room area, and they can be positioned on either side of the cabinet.

Very reasonably priced, these table lamps can be bought from Ashley’s for just $99.99 for a set of two.

Table lamps


Fireplace accent wall finishing touches

A rug to add texture to the floor

Pulling the room together in the center of the room, we have a soft, white fluffy rug. The rug breaks up the monotony of the grey carpet and brings in the entire room.

white rug

A neutral white color will stand out against the gray and will display the rather luxurious set of tables to perfection.

The rug is genuine sheepskin and is available in various sizes. Soft to the touch, it surely will add a touch of glamour to the front of the fireplace accent wall. Priced at around $162.


Accent pillows on the sofa

We have broken up the grey of the carpet with white; now, break up the white of the sofa with a couple of different colors and textures.

Pillows for the accent wall ideas with fireplace

We picked out a really vibrant gold pillow and a black pillow to contrast the fireplace accent wall ideas.

The black pillows

The black pillows actually come with the inserts and are available in 10 different colors and measure 18 x 18. The covers are removable, so they can be thrown into the washing machine.

Black cushions

The set of two pillows is priced at $17.99; you can find the details in our free PDF below.

The gold pillows

The gold Versace-inspired pillows are just the covers. The price is just for one cover at $17.99 with a geometric design, but it gives the fireplace accent wall ideas a touch of luxury.

versace design pillow


Abstract wall art

Next to the fireplace accent wall, we have hung an abstract piece of art. In earthy brown, grays, orange, and greens add more depth and color to the room.

Green blue art

This piece is unframed and hand painted and measures 20 inches in height and 60 inches in width on canvas. A beautiful piece for $283.

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A small sculpture idea

accent wall ideas with fireplace sculpture

Art is always personal. A modern piece displayed on the bookshelf will add some interest to the room rather than just books. The sculpture is made from high-quality ceramic and features just two colors. A lovely piece for just $28.99


The obligatory plant

As you will see in past articles, I do like to add in some greenery, artificial or real; the choice is yours. I like something that lasts, so artificial is the way I go as I am hopeless with real plants.

accent wall ideas with fireplace - plant

If you struggle with plants as I do, this 65-inch artificial plant in a marble effect planter will make life so much easier.

The branches are made from polyester, and the leaves are made from silk. Priced at just $129.99, it will last for many years to come and just needs light dust.


The final design for accent wall ideas

Accent wall ideas with fireplace

The finished design for the fireplace accent wall comes in at just under $9,000, which does include the electric fireplace. Paint, paper, and carpet are not included.

Accent wall ideas with fireplace banner

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