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Lighting can make or break a room, whether it is in the dining room, living room or kitchen, the position, size and luminosity needs to be carefully thought about. Bedroom wall lights are no exception to the rule.

Lighting can change your mood, motivate you or send you to sleep. You also have to think about lighting in terms of layers, just like fabrics. For instance in a room, you should include accent lighting, an overhead light and task lights.

What bedroom wall lights are available?

The variety of bedroom wall lights on offer can be a little mind-blowing and we aim to guide you through the maze of what is available on the market today.

We are focussing on the bedroom in this article, and these are all bedroom wall lights; we will cover ceiling lights in another article.

Best Modern Bedroom Wall Lighting

Modern bedrooms are quite the trend these days. Simplicity, nice lines, minimal furniture and a monochromatic color palette.

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The items within this page are to give you some ideas on different styles of lighting you can purchase for your bedroom.

Have a look at our Mood Board page, which we created to show you what can be achieved with the items that we have selected.

Modern design can be traced back to the countries of Germany and Scandinavia and construction uses materials such as concrete, wood and metal.

The colors take the form of blacks, whites, greys, beiges and pastels. Modern bedroom wall lights should take into account these attributes – clean lines, simplicity and elegant. We explain more about modern design visit our page that explains Home Decor Styles.

So let’s take a look at what is available on the market for the modern bedroom wall lights.

To find more ideas on boho bedroom designs visit 21 Boho Bedroom Ideas

1. LED Modern Wall Sconce

LED modern wall sconce

Find these on Amazon

A budget-friendly modern wall light in cool white and made of high quality aluminium. These lights are perfect for a modern room and produce a soft romantic light in the bedroom.

The lights can also be mounted both vertically or horizontally to suit the decor and size of your room.

The shade is of a high quality semi-transparent frosted acrylic and will last for many a year. Perfect on either side of the bed. Priced at just $49.99 each.


2 The IC Blown Glass Lamp

IC gold globe light

See the IC gold globe light

Created by designer Michael Anastassiades through his love of industrial simplicity and blending it with his technical skill. The beautifully crafted wall lamp which can double up as a ceiling light has been created from blown glass into an opal design.

The frame comes in two variations, brass or chrome finished steel and also two heights 8.5 inches and 12.4 inches.


3 One Light Vanity Bedroom Wall Light

One Light Vanity bedroom wall light

See the Light Vanity bedroom wall light

Ambient lighting over the bed can really be appreciated with The Gabriel collection which oozes elegance. The shade is designed in the shape of a parchment scroll and has aged gold fixtures to elevate any bedroom to the next level.

These wall lights for the bedroom come in two colors, matte black or white and take up to 60w light bulbs. If you want something a little different but modern these sell from $161.


4. LED swing arm bedside wall lights

LED swing arm beside wall lights

See the LED swing arm bedside wall lights

Sleek and sophisticated in honey gold and in the collection by George Kovacs. Easily adjustable for night reading as the arm swings out over the bed. A beautiful ambient light that is modern and adaptable.

Around the mid-budget range at $330 each but this bedroom wall lighting would look stunning against any color accent wall next to a bed.


5. Moderne wall light sconce

Moderne wall light sconce

Here is the Moderne wall light sconce

Available in two unique finishes gesso white or blacksmith the Moderne Sconce is a beautiful example of modern bedroom wall lighting and is finished with gold leaf. The creator, Tom Caldwell stated that old movie wall sconces inspired this design, but he has created a smaller version.

These wall lights are even certified to be installed in damp locations and are a wonderful choice for ambient lighting.


Best Industrial Bedroom Wall Lighting

Industrial design is a lot harsher than modern. Raw materials such as concrete, bare bulbs, and wood exposed beams all are excellent choices when designing an industrial style bedroom.

Industrial style bedroom wall lights are no exception to the rule. See out the exposed bulbs, many of which come in all different styles, shapes and sizes.

Think about bare metal pipes, stained wood or to make it simpler, something that you may find in an old industrial factory. If you want to find out more about industrial design visit Home Decor Styles Explained. We are going to take a look at five industrial style wall lights below.


6. Black Industrial Sconce Lighting

Black Industrial bedroom wall lighting

Find this on Amazon

Made from black metal and a brushed brass finish this three-light fitting is designed in the shape of a candelabra.

This wall light measures 20 inches by 10 inches and can be incorporated into many bedroom designs such as industrial or even farmhouse.

Not only can you fix it to the wall at the side of your bed but it can be great above mirrors or even in hallways and dining rooms. The light can also be installed facing upwards or downwards and is certified for damp locations.

If you have a dimmer switch then with some nice low wattage bulbs these beside wall lights can create beautiful mood lighting. Priced at just $74.98.


7. Roslyn One Light wall sconce

Roslyn 1 wall light sconce

Here is the Roslyn one wall light sconce

The Roslyn range has a good selection of beautifully crafted wall sconces which are adjustable. Designed with an industrial feel it makes a perfect bedside wall light.

A point to remember when choosing your lighting is that a north-facing room may need a little more light than a south-facing room due to the lack of light. So one wall light may not be ample enough to give you enough light in the room.

Priced a little higher than other bedroom wall lights, this is sure to give you visual comfort in any industrial-style bedroom. Priced at $790.


8. The Astrid Two Light Wall Sconce

Astrid two light wall sconce

Here is the Astrid two-light wall sconce

Design near New York’s Hudson River Valley where the creators have an endless choice of inspiration. The area is rich in architecture with riverside factories and wilderness right on their doorstep.

Constructed in aged brass and black with two shadeless bulbs these are another prime example of industrial wall lights.

Very reasonably priced in the mid-range at $174 this will light up even the darkest north-facing room.


9. Copper One Light Wall Light

Copper One Light Wall Light

See the Copper One Light Wall here

The Copper One Wall light is a good choice to fit into an industrial-style bedroom. Not only are you getting a gorgeous-looking bedside wall light but the tone of the copper will warm the room up and break down the harshness of the industrial theme. Remember we are designing a bedroom here, so we want to add some warmth.

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10. The Voclain One Light Industrial Wall Sconce

One Light Industrial Wall Sconce

See The Voclain One Light Industrial Wall Sconce

This wall light features a very distinctive industrial look, and the bulb is hidden behind a black metal shade made from mesh.

The Voclain sends light up the wall rather than down, like some of the other wall lights I have mentioned. It is very well priced at $76 and is about 10 inches in height and 6 inches wide.


The Best Boho Bedroom Wall Lights

Boho is a design which reflects a carefree lifestyle, art and travel hungry. For more information on Boho Bedroom Design visit Home Decor Styles Explained.

For this type of bedroom wall lighting, we need to look at lights that are softer, warmer and not harsh like the previous industrial style design.

Think of casual hippy but a toned-down version. Better still, let’s take a look at the suggestions below.


11. Rattan Boho Wall lights

Rattan bedroom wall light

Find this on Amazon

A beautiful wall sconce worthy of any bedroom wall and totally embodies the boho style. The wall lamp is handwoven in high-quality bamboo and does produce quite a high light transmission.

This sconce is environmentally friendly and adds atmosphere to any boho bedroom when casting a warm welcoming glow.

The bamboo is also cultivated from sustainable rain forests, so it is a renewable source that regenerates every year.

Two of these above your bedside tables or just one perfectly hung in the corner of a room above a reading chair will bring a boho design to your bedroom. Get in the boho spirit at just $34.99 each.


12. The Tessa Wall Sconce

Macrame wall light

Find the Macrame wall light here

Macrame is very often found in boho designs. It could be a wall hanging, a plant holder, or in this case a wall light.

The perfect boho handspun macrame web sits around a glass vessel and is finished off with a tassel clinched in a wood finial.

The frame is made from steel and has an aged brass finished color. So embrace the boho design and lighten up your wall for $262.


13. The Basket Swing Arm Sconce

Side light that has a Swing Arm Sconce

Find this Basket Swing Arm Sconce here

The Spyridon Swing Arm Sconce nestles a bulb amongst woven weeds and emits a warm glow which will shine sweetly on any bedroom wall.

The frame and wallplate have a lovely blacksmith finish, and the light hangs from a wrought iron frame. If you want casual and chic as your bedroom wall light then look no further. A little on the higher price side but luxury does not come cheap. Priced at $483.


14. A Wall Sconce in Rattan

A Wall Sconce in Rattan

Find this on Amazon

A vintage bamboo lamp, again created in rattan and handwoven, in a retro rustic style to light up your bedroom.

The wall sconce is perfectly suitable for LED bulbs and creates a decorative effect, ideal for a boho bedroom wall light.

Priced at just $71.98 for a single wall sconce. A pretty decent price, don’t you think?


15. Two Light Antique Silver Sconce

Two Light Antique Silver Sconce

Find this Two Light Antique Silver Sconce here

Finished in antique silver with a shade of Capiz shells The Brielle Collection oozes elegance and sophistication in any bohemian bedroom.

Measuring 14 inches in height and around 9 inches wide, this wall sconce will give the perfect ambient light in your bedroom.

At $196 per light fixture, it gives the perfect romantic touch beside your bed.


The Best Art Deco Bedroom Wall Lights

Art Deco evolved in Paris in 1925 and is a design with bold outlines, zig-zag lines and geometric shapes. Colors are striking and bold, and much of the furniture has a glossy finish.

The style was found in clothes, buildings, cars and furniture. A typical Art Deco style is the Empire State Building in New York. Another very familiar feature is sunbursts in gold. We explain more about this design style on another blog.


16. Iron Art Deco Wall Light

Art Deco fan light

Find this on Amazon 

An art deco wall light made from pure iron and linen. A very elegant and sophisticated light if you want to get the art deco vibe in your bedroom.

Premium quality: The lamp is composed of pure iron, and linen and adopts advanced technology, ideal for decoration.

Suitable for LED bulbs and available in both black and gold, the lighting can be purchased for $79 for two, yes that’s right two lights. Oh la la.


17. Art Deco LED Wall Sconce

Silver Art Deco Wall Light

Find the Art Deco LED Wall Sconce here

This sconce was custom crafted in upstate New York and is available in custom sizes with an Art Deco Gold finish.

A contemporary geometric styled light that is dimmable if required and can be installed in both dry and damp locations. There is a Statuario Idalight diffuser and this is all set within a solid frame.

A little on the pricey style at $1,181.25 but what do you expect when it is a designer label.


18. The Crystal Gold Wall Sconce

The Crystal Gold Wall Sconce

Find this on Amazon

Totally rock the Art Deco look with two crystal modern wall lamps that will light up your life and your bedroom.

The shade itself is made of K9 crystal, and the frame is stainless steel with a gold finish or black finish.

These wall lights are slightly longer than others at around 23.6 inches and about 8.7 inches in diameter. A beautiful addition to your wall for just $252.99 for two.


19. Crystal Glass and Gold Shaped Wall Sconces

Crystal Glass and Gold Shaped Wall Sconces

Find this on Amazon

Another wall sconce lamp is made from clear crystal and held on a brass base. The maximum wattage for these lamps is 60w, and they can be easily fixed to the wall with the screws that come with the lamps.

The length is approximately 20cm and the height is around 22cm and is a stunning example of Art Deco wall lights.

Very reasonably priced at $54.99, ready, set – glow!


Best Scandinavian Bedroom Wall Lighting

The Scandinavian style of design is very fresh, with white walls, bare or bleached woods, light airy spaces and organic.

The Danish concept of hygge completes a Scandinavian interior design. It incorporates clean lines, plenty of texture, and layers of fabric but the overall look is cozy and inviting.

This particular design has been around since the 1950s and is still very popular today. Very simplistic items, no fuss. The more modern Scandinavian design incorporates metal in wall lights, for instance, copper, along with the traditional wood.


20. Nordic Wall Light

Nordic Wall Light

Find this on Amazon

Complete your Scandinavian design with a Nordic bedside wall light made from high quality wood and a hand-blown glass lampshade.

The modern wall light gives a beautiful uniform color and light transmission. It is simple in design and easy to clean. Pick two of these up for your bedside wall at just $59.99 each.


21. Swivel into Scandinavian

Swivel into Scandinavian

Find this Swivel into Scandinavian here

This is a task wall light with a touch of Scandinavian. You can swivel the light where you need to, so it is great for sitting in bed and reading a book.

The light is finished in matte white and is also available in Midnight Black. There are touches of burnished brass accents to bring a little warmth to the clean lines.

The light was designed by Ellen DeGeneres so add a little celebrity to your Scandinavian bedroom. Priced at $373.27.


22. The Scandinavian wood lamp holder

The Scandinavian wood lamp holder

Find this on Amazon

A class modern style wall light which is neat and functional. and constructed to light up your bedroom with a touch of ambient light. A very simple clean and modern design in the Scandinavian classic design.

Capable of holding bulbs such as LED and Edison but these are not included, so the choice is yours really. The body of the light can flex to 350 degrees so you can angle the light in whatever direction suits you at the time.

Perfect for installation on the bedroom wall or on a headboard and it is just a two-step installation process.

The lights are constructed in aluminium, steel and wood and are priced at $84.99 for a pack of two – one for each side of the bed.


23. The Clemente Wall Light

The Clemente Wall Light

Find this Clemente Wall Light here

Designed by Aerin, the Clemente bedroom wall light is very sleek and can take a wattage of up to 60 B. Measuring at 10.5 inches in height and 6.25 inches in width, it will grace any Scandinavian style bedroom.

This light will set you back around $699 each, sophistication is what you get for your buck.


When should I use bedroom wall lighting?

There is a multitude of functions for bedroom wall lighting. If the lighting is positioned close to the bed then it is ideal for reading when laying in bed, do you really want to get up to turn the main ceiling light off?

It is also a great idea when considering accent lighting, you don’t always want to be in a bedroom where there is one main light. A bedroom is meant to be an area for relaxation at the end of the day, so do you really want one light on in the centre of your room?

Another use for bedroom wall lighting is for over artwork or photographs, something that you want to highlight within a room. Just focussing the beam of light onto a large piece of art will elevate the colors in it and elevate it to another level.

What is a warm light?

A bulb that is around 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvins (Kelvins is what lightbulb color temperature is measured in) is considered to be a soft white (yellow and warm). This is a great choice for a bedroom. Alternatively, you may want to go for something warmer such as a 3,000-4,000 Kelvin.

Warm lighting is not something you would normally find in an office, kitchen or workshop. These are spaces where you want to focus on specific tasks such as work, cooking or hobbies.

How can lighting transform a room?

Lighting is an important element when designing your bedroom it can make or break your design as well. Within a bedroom, it is particularly important as it can affect your mood and nobody wants a moody husband or wife!

Not only can it affect the mood of a room but it can also alter the size and shape. So for example, if your bedroom is particularly small and you have dark colors on the wall, just by reflecting lighting off of the walls will not only give you a soft glow but also can help the room appear larger.

It is not just about the wall lights but accent lights play a big part when lighting up a bedroom. It could be a task light, for instance, this is something that you would put over a dressing table if you have one.

A floor standing light may be positioned in the corner of a room if you have the space with an uplighter towards the ceiling. You will not get a glare from the bulb as the direction of light will be facing the ceiling.

I for one don’t like to see bare wires, so if you don’t have wiring ducted into your walls you may need to turn to an alternative like table lamps next to your bed. Bedside lamps are a great alternative when it comes to wall mounted lights and are effective as accent lighting as well.

For more information please see our other blog on lighting designs for homes

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