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Guide to the perfect Boho Bedroom

BOHO-Bedroom-Idea-1 main room

Boho is an interior design style that is often likened by artists, creatives, lovers of art, music and literature and sometimes someone that  ignores the usually accepted ways of behaving.

When searching and planning boho bedroom ideas it is a great idea to start with what is relevant to you and the way that you live.

The modern boho bedroom can be created through personal experiences, holidays and places that you have lived and items that you collected along the way. Basically it tells your story.

So what is boho design?

Boho is short for bohemian and dates back to the 19th century. Often associated with gypsies in France and the 1960s / 70s era of the hippies.

Everywhere you look these days you will possibly see a bohemian look. It may be in your local coffee shop, a friend’s lounge, or even your favourite shop.

This style of interior design was favored by artists, musicians and those in a creative field. The style is something that can be created just by thinking outside of the box.

Earth tones with navy or red

It is also an interior design style that sometimes just doesn’t have to work. You could have a base of earthy tones with a solid block of navy blue or red.

Accessories and textures may have many different patterns. Sometimes purchasing a piece of material that looks slightly worn will fit right into the boho vibe.

So read on and let us share our modern boho bedroom ideas with you.

So what is a bohemian style bedroom?

Boho Style bedroom 2

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Most bohemian style bedrooms are relaxed, casual affairs. They may be designed around an old wicker lamp you picked up in an antiques market or a kaftan rug that was acquired in Morocco.

Wall hangings or tapestries picked up on your travels in far flung areas of the world can be used in your boho bedroom.

The use of natural textures, earthy tones, hanging plants, prints, ceramics and blankets are very welcome in this boho interior design style.

I like to look at the style as a ‘modern day hippy’ – not a mirage of bright colours but natural tones, browns, creams, more relaxing than psychedelic and plenty of natural light.

Boho Bedroom Ideas Do & Donts

How can I make by bedroom a bohemian space?

So to create boho bedroom ideas start gathering old photographs and vintage items that you may have kept and work from there.

It could be an old Moroccan wedding blanket, a patterned rug, some pillow covers or vintage pieces.

Choose a paint palette that is toned down, for example subtle creams, warm browns, earthy tones and reds.

It often works to have one solid color featured in your boho bedroom. For example, it could be a solid navy blue pillow. Earthy deep red throw pillows against textured white bedding.

It really depends on the size of the bedroom you have, the amount of natural light available and what you want to feature within your bohemian room.

Paint colours Sherwin Williams

What do you need for a bohemian room?

Vintage or handmade items are good examples to start your bohemian room with. If you are a little unsure on the colours pick a boho print that you like and take the colour inspiration from this.

Add plenty of textures with cushions, wall decorations and rugs and splash out on plenty of plants.

1. Natural textures and textured linens

Think about different textures for your boho room. For example, reclaimed wood, wooden furniture, macrame wall hangings, tasselled pillows, even a pile of books can add to the textural elements of your boho look.

Experiment with pillows in different fabrics, layer up some warm and comfy throws and even pick out some subtle artwork in earth tones for the walls to create a calming space.

It really does not have to be just the right amount, more so what room design you want to create that appeals to your eye.

Boho textured pillows

2. Tasselled bedding and pillows

These pillows are typical boho style. Measuring about 20 inches wide and 13 inches high they have fringed edges in a macrame style.

I found these at Lush Décor priced at $24.00.

Just remember it is for the cover, not the inside cushion. So make sure you have the cushions to avoid disappointment.

White textured boho pillow_

A functional design is all about creating a space that you want to come home to, comfy, warm, inviting and welcoming. Add in a nice vintage footstool to your boho-themed bedroom.

Vintage and antique markets

Visit an antique market or garage sale and see what bargains you can pick up if you don’t know where to start.  You can often pick up bargain rattan furniture and the odd side table.

Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure as they say.

3. Bohemian look curtains

Curtains – much softer than blinds. Hessian, linen, patterned or solid. Curtains always add softness to a room.

These curtains come in a variety of colours and are made of linen with an element of sheerness to them.

At the time of writing this article, they had 50% off, so they are definitely worth checking out.

Cotton Seed Curtains

4. Vibrant colors or pattern

If you are looking for pattern or bright colors to add some warmth to the room, I would suggest these cotton twill curtains which can be hung against an all white bedroom wall to turn it into more of an accent wall.

They have a weighted hem and come in two different colours. Again these were in sale when I scoured the internet and had 50% off.

yellow boho curtains

Be seated

Comfort is the key. Overstuffed upholstery, low level seating and relaxation is essential when achieving a bohemian bedroom. Scour around for a few bean bags to throw on the floor, add some throws.

Luxury leather is always a good choice, hard-wearing, soft and modern but still perfect for a boho bedroom.

5. Boho chic bean bag

This rather chic bean bag is made in India from the highest quality leather so you should get plenty of enjoyment from it. Perfect as an accent piece and shaped like an armchair.

Yes there is a little investment, but you get what you pay for. Priced at $309 you will have the best seat in the house.

Bean bag chair

Find this on Amazon

If you are working with a small space you may not have the room for any seating in your bedroom but you may have an area for a window seat.

Alternatively make a corner into a comfy reading area with plenty of cushions in different colors, patterns, and textures.

6. Bohemian vibe chair

Another good use of the corner of a bohemian bedroom is to hang a chair. If you have the room and a spare corner then what a great place to sit and read, especially by a bedroom window.

For just $90 this chair comes with two cushions and has a macrame-style look to it. Very easy to hang and will look so cute in a bohemian-style bedroom.

It comes in beige and has some great reviews on Amazon, also a great item for in the corner of a garden or on a terrace.

Hanging boho hammock chair

Find this on Amazon

7. Natural furniture

Wood is a great material to start with and is the obvious choice for natural materials. If you find a wooden bed a little hard looking then opt for a vintage style headboard and boost it with some comfy pillows.

When there is ample space available look at a poster bed frame and a white makeshift canopy in a sheer material to create your bohemian design.

8. Boho bedroom canopy

white boho bed canopy

This canopy is basically a mosquito net but does look pretty impressive over the bed and gives a very relaxed and welcoming feel.

You can purchase these nets in a variety of sizes right up to king size. For around $31 you are not only getting protected from the mosquitos but you are incorporating boho chic around your bed frame.

Find this on Amazon

If you are totally all in with the boho look for the bedroom you could even replace the doors on any built-in wardrobes with more natural-looking doors or even material on a rail.

9. Mid-century modern cabinet

A rattan beside the cabinet not only will give you a little more storage but will elevate your boho-style bedroom. The nightstand has been designed with an open shelf to display any items and offers drawer space as well.

The frame is extremely sturdy and has a natural rattan finish and should fit beautifully within a muted color scheme. Each unit is $167.

ratten bedside cabinet

Find this on Amazon

As I keep saying it is your room, it is what makes you feel comfortable in it.

Old vintage wooden dressers and side tables are ideal and can be purchased in many different types of wood like beech, ash, or oak. Keep it natural.

There are a few examples of what is available below – certainly worth a click.

10. Light wood furniture

This reclaimed wood dresser is in a subtle light wood grey and has grey metal handles. The dresser is around 60 inches in width. If you have enough space in your bedroom it would be a great addition.

The current price as we write is $1,396.50 and is currently in the sales. Certainly worth investing for such a lovely piece. 

Wood dresser

Wicker is another good choice, or even rattan, as we have pointed out above – a very natural look and very reasonable as well.

Go green

No boho room can be complete without a good array of plants. Choose wisely and think of the light, accessibility and size.

You could put a plant on your bedside cabinet, or dresser or even construct some natural wooden shelves and put several small plants on them.

11. Even the plants have a boho vibe

Plenty of room in a boho-themed bedroom definitely justifies adding a nice large plant.

A 3.5ft palm tree against white walls will definitely make your bohemian-style bedroom stand out.

A well-made artificial plant will last for many a year and give you that outside vibe. Even the pot on this particular palm has some fake moss.

For $127 this plant has adjustable leaves, and the quality is second to none. You may not even be able to tell the difference – apart from the fact you won’t have to water or trim it.

large boho green plant

Find this on Amazon

12. Limited room for greenery

No room for a large plant or two. Try these 3 Mini Potted Plants and no need at all to water them. Each plant has its own paper mache pot and there is a eucalyptus, rosemary and boxwood.

They stand around 8 inches tall from the base of the pot to the top of the plant and have realistic leaves. Unlike my plants they will stay fresh looking all year round.

The perfect size for a bedside cabinet, shelf, or window cill and they retail on Amazon for $23.99.

Boho plants

Find this on Amazon

Choose your pots wisely, maybe patterned and plain, a mixture, of terracotta, white, and mid-tones. Play about with the patterns and see what suits the room.

13. Boho bedroom decor

If you have a spare corner in the bedroom why not purchase macrame plant hangers or drape hanging vines around the walls? A great addition to a boho bedroom and gives you added natural accents.

Unfortunately, I am more like Maleficent when it comes to looking after plants, not green-fingered but black, so I am told.

If you are like me then maybe something that doesn’t need much looking after for example, a cactus. You can purchase some really cute mini cacti.

If all else fails look for some realistic silk plants to give that added green look to the room.

14. Let there be light

Nothing too harsh when we come to this category. Subtle wins the day as we want to stick with the bohemian vibe.  Maybe a wicker lampshade for a central light or hanging light.

A hand-woven rattan light wood shade is again perfect in boho-style bedrooms. Unfortunately, my ceilings are low so we have to stick to ceiling-mounted lights rather than pendant lights.

This particular shade comes on a cream frame and the rattan is hand woven and the shade has a three-year warranty. Priced at just $89.99.

Wicker shade

Find this on Amazon

Fairy lights can be so very pretty if they are strung across a ceiling, around prints on a wall or even across the ceiling.

Pick out small accent lights for bedside cabinets, again they could have wicker shades, they could be seagrass, or even just scented candles if you have plenty of other lighting in the room.

Fairy lights can be so very pretty if they are strung across a ceiling, around prints on a wall or even across the ceiling.

Pick out small accent lights for bedside cabinets, again they could have wicker shades, they could be seagrass, or even scented candles if you have plenty of other lighting in the room.

Think of the floor

It doesn’t matter if you have carpet or floorboards as your floor covering, there is always an opportunity to dress it up. A beautiful rug with plenty of patterns is often found in boho bedrooms.

15. A boho look rug

Boho rug

Find this at Amazon

For an extra snazzy boho design and perfect for a bedroom this handwoven rug is block printed and also reversible. A lovely soft pile with a tufted design makes this rug super soft underfoot and is made of natural materials.

The rug is very hard wearing and if it does get dirty you can throw it in the washing machine. It comes in a variety of sizes and prices start at $70.55

A Moroccan style sumptuous rug. Even a shaggy white rug if your carpet is already patterned, or dark colors that compliment the background of the existing carpet. Think of layering. Think of colours. Think of patterns.

If you have floorboards I would definitely recommend a rug to bring some warmth into the room. Nothing worse than jumping out of bed onto a cold floorboard, no matter how toasty your feet get.

16. Pattern, paint, and colors

I always find it easier to pick out a piece of art, or fabric and work around that. Some people do have trouble selecting colors so work with what you have. Use an item as a focal point and work your bedroom ideas around it.

Visit your local paint store or go online and check out colors that appeal to you. Warm colors, earth tones. Perhaps incorporate a painted feature wall in your bedroom.

Pay attention to the patterns and designs in materials from India, Morocco, Turkey etc. all very boho decor and a great place to start.

This Lucknow wall hanging has great colors to work with and is $42. Ideal for a small wall in a boho bedroom. Wall hanging boho

17. Vintage accessories and wall decoration

These items do not have to be expensive. Brass candlesticks with scented candles, prints of mountains or coastal lines with just a hint of color or use a large print in a boho style as a focal point.

Single-line drawings are very popular right now and fit right into the look of a boho bedroom design.

I found this set of prints on Amazon recently which would look perfect in a boho bedroom, above a bed, or on a spare wall.

The color scheme is very relaxing and brings a lot of warmth into a room adding even more chic to your perfect boho bedroom. They come in various styles and styles on canvas and prices start from around $38.45.

Boho art prints on canvas

Find this on Amazon

A wooden vase with soft ferns in white. A collection of well-thumbed through books adds some boho chic. A particular piece of home décor that catches your eye and that fits within the boho bedroom theme.

18. Beautiful rooms need beautiful smells

Going back to the candles pick out some nice fragrances that make you feel relaxed, alternatively try essential oils or incense sticks. It all adds to the overall ambiance of the room.

Incense holder boho

Find this on Amazon

Burning incense during your morning bedroom yoga has never been so easy in this beautifully crafted incense stick holder.

The ornament is quite small and holds one stick but we are sure you can find a place for it on your shelf or window sill. Think of the smells!

Check out our other recommendations below from boho wallpaper, and bohemian decor, to beds and comforters for your bohemian chic bedroom.

How do you furnish a boho bedroom?

Let’s take a look at some of the items you can use to furnish your boho bedroom.

19. Boho Wallpaper

Boho wallpaper

Let’s begin with the walls. If you are quite happy putting up wallpaper take a look at this boho bedroom style wallpaper.  This wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and will enhance your walls with a bold pattern.

The elements are hand-drawn so each roll of wallpaper is unique and gives an artisanal feel. The collection of wallpaper is from Seabrook’s is made from heavy acrylic so it should be quite hard-wearing. Find this at Burke Decor

Changing colors. If blue is more of your thing then take a look at Sample Tikki Natural Ombre Wallpaper in Blue Oasis from the Boho Rhapsody Collection.

This particular wallpaper is also provided by Seabrook.

Blue Boho wallpaper

20. Boho bedroom furniture and linen

Boho bed ratten

Make a modern boho theme with a mixture of materials. That Natalia Bed is tubular iron in a vintage black finish with a beautiful arch finish whilst the base and headboard are made from natural cane.

The box spring is sold separately but this would be a perfect addition to any boho-style bedroom.

21. Nice and cozy comforter

The three-piece boho-style comforter set is not only super cozy but so very feminine.

Even the roughest and toughest of the male species will want to cuddle up under the ruffle ribbon embroidery which is an excellent choice if you like boho chic with a touch of shabby.

The comforter is available in four neutral colours so we are sure you will find something to match your design.

This comforter set is ideal for the lovers of shabby chic style, as well as those who enjoy fancy and frilly decor.

It would look fabulous in a master bedroom or a guest bedroom. With four neutral colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right match for your bedroom. 

Boho bed linen



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