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by | May 14, 2022

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How do I create a space themed bedroom?

Young explorers, budding astronauts, the galaxy and its secrets are ready to be explored in a space themed bedroom.

With the popularity of films like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers the need to explore deep space without leaving the house is a dream for any young inquisitive mind.

This blog post will help you create a space themed bedroom design. You can follow it and achieve the same look as we have designed, or alternatively you can take some of the ideas and adapt it to suit your own kid’s bedroom.

So let’s Reach for the Stars and send out little adventurers to infinity and beyond in true space style.

Mood board for reach for the stars room design

Space themed wallpaper and paint

Spcae theme decor wall decal

3D Planet Galaxy Astronaut Wall Stickers – Shop The Look

This cosmic space bedroom theme begins with your building blocks – the paint or wallpaper.

Space themed ceiling

The ceiling is very important compared to other designs as we are concentrating on outer space. A dark color on the ceiling will be a great base, and for this, we have chosen a paint from the Dulux range called High Salute.

A good dark paint such as dark blue or any deep blue color will help create the backdrop for the stars, a big moon, and the start of our space exploration.

Decor moon, stars, and the solar system mural

Glow in the dark Stars and Planets Solar System Wall Stickers

Glow in the dark Stars and Planets Solar System Wall Stickers – 

Glow in the dark stars are easy to apply, and because of this, artistic flair is not needed. If you have a set of ladders and a lack of vertigo to reach the dizzy heights, which will soon be space, this could not be easier.

This is definitely worth the effort. Imagine, as the lights go down and the sun sets, new planets appear in your little one’s space themed bedroom, and they begin their journey through the solar system.

space themed decals

Space-themed bedroom walls.

Moving on to the walls, paint or paper. Personally, I like to paint as it can be washed down, and we are decorating a kid’s room. Need I say more? Chocolate fingerprints and black crayons can be removed a lot easier than having to renew wallpaper. Totally your choice, but I will cover both options.

Sticking with the Dulux range, we opted for the color Ghost Whisperer. A subtle pale blue/grey color. For the trims such as baseboards, doors, and architraves, try Delicate White, which is a clean and fresh contrast to your darker colors.

Pick out a wall and create an accent wall. Choose a dark blue color, space-themed wall decals, or go down the route of constellation wallpaper.

Astronaut wallpaper

Astronaut wallpaper-

An immersive world of space-themed wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great alternative for a modern space-themed bedroom.

space themed wallpaper

A large mural can now be purchased in wallpaper form and pasted to the walls in your space-themed bedroom. You can now purchase these in different sizes, and there is a huge choice of cool space-themed bedroom murals.

If you are going down the route of wallpaper and decals, pick out your favorite ones and work around the colors in the actual mural when choosing your paint. It will make life so much easier, and you will probably find you start using colors you would not have thought of using before.

When your space cadet has outgrown his space-themed bedroom and wants to move on to his next adventure, just remove the mural and change the entire theme.

The joy of these planet wallpapers is that they are organic, and you don’t suffer from wrinkles or bubbles, which can be notorious when trying to put them up.

Do I choose wood flooring or carpet?

There are pros and cons – take a look at some of them –

Space theme bedroom - Carpet or Wood flooring

The carpet is great, warm, a good choice of colors, and cozy. If your little one has allergies, carpet can be a dust collector, whereas wood is not. Wood can be more expensive than carpet, especially if you choose hardwood over laminate.

A thicker pile carpet can be very expensive, but many are now stain resistant and come with insurance-backed guarantees.

When it comes to the floor, consider your budget and the age of your child, and use this as a guide when choosing the flooring for your kid’s bedroom.

I have picked out a good quality laminate in a soft grey, which is hard-wearing and will stand the test of time. To make the floor warmer, ensure that you have good insulation installed underneath.

Space-themed bedroom lighting

space themed ceiling light


Our solar system on the ceiling now needs artificial light. Most ceiling lighting is more or less in the center of a room, so this is where you may have to install your full moon or your rocket.

Measuring 16 by 24 inches, the rocket light can be positioned shooting through the stars and planets on your newly painted ceiling, ready for your kid’s interstellar travel.

Lights, in general, are not cheap, but at $270, this light does give a magnificent effect on a plain ceiling and is even more spectacular on a darker space ceiling in your kid’s space-themed bedroom.

Accent lighting

As well as a space-themed ceiling light, you can also add a bedside light next to the little one’s bed, also making a relaxing atmosphere.


A cute nightlight for a side table makes for a good night’s sleep when it is time to turn off the rocket racing across the ceiling. There are plenty to choose from, and the lighting needs to be more subtle in a toddler’s bedroom and also add to the decor.

Consequently, after a long day of space travel, it is time to bed and dreams of galaxies far away, lay back in bed and turn on the rocket light for a nice dim glow and gaze up at the stars, and drift away.

Soft furnishings for the space-themed bedroom

Curtains or blinds? I find blinds a little harsh and more of an ‘office’ look.

I will pick out curtains every time when it comes to bedroom decor. So keeping with the space-themed room and the design ideas that have already been implemented, let’s add some space curtains that will keep the light out.

Curtains for Boys Bedroom with Silver Star Pattern 1

These curtains have a blackout feature which will block 90% of the sun leading to undisturbed sleep. They are also thermally insulated and come in a variety of sizes and colors, such as navy blue, grey, and white.

Space themed bedding


Soft furnishings include rugs, pillows, bedding, and throws. Adding to the space-themed room is this cozy zodiac quilt cover which can be bought in a variety of colors. Soft and 100% polyester, the scene depicts the zodiac signs that can be found in outer space.

Sizes go from a single size up to a king-size cover, and there is a zipper which makes it easy to change the cover when you need to wash it. Two matching pillowcases finish the set off for this space-themed bedroom idea.

Cozy up under a fleece throw

Fleece cover

No bedroom should be without a cozy throw. Ideal for colder nights or wrapping yourself up when sitting in a chair and watching TV. They look great draped across a bed or space-themed furniture as well.

Our choice for your space-themed room is this black and white fleecy throw which explains the constellations and what they represent. So not only educational but super warm and fits great into a boy’s bedroom.

Change the color, purchase a bigger size, or even a different pattern but great for space bedroom ideas when choosing your soft furnishings. I also find these are lovely for a space-themed nursery as well.

The moon rug

Space carpet for boys bedroom-2

Soft and anti-slip rugs are great if you have opted for wood flooring. There are plenty of colors, sizes, and shapes available.

A rug is the perfect play area. Easy to clean as most can be thrown into the washing machine. Quick to vacuum and a nice focal point on the floor. Available in bright colors and great to jump out of the bed onto rather than a colder wood floor.

Space theme furniture

White storage cabinet 1

As your little one gets older, toys and accessories accumulate, and those built-in closets may be busting at the seams. It is quite amazing at how much room toys, clothes, books, and shoes can take up in a room.

Extra storage space can be achieved with a new closet, stacking boxes, shelves, etc. When organizing the storage for your kid’s bedroom, you need to consider how easy things are to access that are required on a regular basis.

Store items that are not used that often on the top shelves, for instance, out-of-season clothes (swimsuits and shorts if it is winter). Put the toys, books, and shoes on the lower parts giving easy access to the little ones.

Don’t put their favorite puzzles on the top shelf; store them in a box on the floor. Have one wardrobe for clothes and shoes and another for the toys and books. Adapt the space, and pick up some storage cartons from the dollar store. In theory, make it as easy as possible for the space cadet to grab his jet pack and astronaut suits and jet off to the moon.

The toys and fun bits

A very cool addition is a galaxy tent. Super easy to fold away and attaches to any bed, which is going to feel like camping under the stars without the adults around – don’t you wish you were young again?

Dream Tents Space Adventure 1

Unfortunately, no campfires and s’mores in this tent. Attach it to the bed. They actually sell a good range of dream tents that are suitable for many different themes and not just a space-themed bedroom.

Never enough stars in the sky, but you can make your own.

Ready for take-off in our space-themed bedroom

A personal preference, but what better addition than a rocket-shaped tent for traveling around the solar system during the day, with hours of safe play and just coming down to earth for a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk.

Invite the playmates to join the trip to outer space and admire the new bedroom decor from afar. Mission accomplished.

Space Rocket Castle Kids Playhouse 1

Planning the next big space-themed adventure

Plans, homework, drawing, and coloring; little fingers need a place to work and to create. An area to sit and think, and create the next piece of wall art for the kitchen fridge. We need a small table and chairs.

Table and chairs 1

A sturdy white table will certainly contrast against the dark walls and ceiling. Very modern looking. Made with a wood base and super easy to assemble with a slight Scandinavian look about them, but who cares? This could be where the next big space-themed adventure is created.

Shelves for Buzz and Woody

Where else are you going to sit Buzz and Woody to overlook all of the proceedings in your space-themed bedroom?

The shelves can hold plenty of books, soft toys, and other ornaments that need to be put on display and not hidden in a wardrobe.

These shelves actually float – a little like defying gravity itself as we don’t want to see brackets.

White floating shelves 1

Space themed nursery

So we have covered the bigger children, but what about a space-themed nursery? Some of our items are a little grown up for our very young space cadets whose new mums are looking for a space-themed nursery idea.

Take it down a touch and put a lighter color on the walls. Choose slightly different decor. So rather than a spaceman bursting through a wall, make it softer.

Add an accent wall

Grab your brush, as it is so much easier to paint clouds and stars on a nursery wall than tackling a whole galaxy.

Paint one wall a deep blue, add fluffy clouds in white, large yellow stars, and a large white moon with a smiling face.

Plan out your wall, and lightly draw out your ideas in chalk as they can easily be rubbed off. Finish by painting with small test pots rather than purchasing large pots of paint. Use acrylic paints.

If the thought of drawing fills you with terror, check out the art that is available online and make a gallery wall or stick-on decals.

space themed nursery decal

The art of a space-themed bedroom

Add some wall art in a slightly darker blue to contrast against the lighter walls.

Think of the man on the moon or the cow jumping over the moon; still a space-themed room but toned down for the younger ones.

Space themed nursery art

Solar system mobile

No space-themed nursery can be without a solar system mobile attached to the crib with the soothing sounds that send the little one to sleep as they dance between the stars.

Beautifully crafted felt star ships, planets, and stars are held by a decorative white ribbon. This company also has other matching items if you are decorating a nursery with an outer space vibe.

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