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by | May 14, 2022

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How do you modernize a basement bar?

A popular trend is to convert your basement to a modern bar or even a cinema room, or if you have plenty of room, incorporate both into the space.

There are many basement bar ideas that you can choose from, many that have themes. I have seen sports bar-themed basement bars that incorporate a pool table, a large television, a darts board, posters of their favorite hockey team or football team on the wall, etc.

Other homeowners like a more relaxed basement bar theme and converting to just a cinema room with comfy chairs. Others may have a small bar area. Some even splash out and purchase cinema chairs and popcorn machines.

So how do you build a basement bar?

It basically depends on how much room you have. We have quite a spacious basement, so the area was quite easy to work with.

We already owned a very large sofa which we had to incorporate into the area for the entertainment space and the TV.

We then managed to fit in a corner bar for the wine storage and custom shelving, which I will discuss later. This was great for us as the entire space in the corner of the basement became the new basement bar area.

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Our basement bar idea

When we undertook our renovation and interior design we wanted a modern basement bar look. We also wanted to have an area for movie nights and a separate area for relaxing by the bar, or playing cards and other board games.

It took a while to plan, but we drew out the layout of the basement, measured it, and looked around for a few ideas. The bar was the main challenge, not just the size of it but the location as well.

Choosing the paint

So we bit the bullet and went for a black and white painted room with a mid-grey carpet.

The reason why we chose black for behind the TV is that the screen blends into the accent wall, and this works well when you are watching the TV.

Not to be too boring, we opted for a two-tone effect on the walls, so we painted large stripes, one in a black matt and the next in a black gloss.

We have quite low ceilings in our basement, so the large vertical stripes give the illusion of a higher ceiling; they also give the wall some dimension.

The two walls on either end were completed in black, and the walls at the sides were painted in white.



The old gas fire

So I am quite keen on the minimalist decor, and the old gas fire was somewhat of an eyesore. We had the old gas fire removed and a new electric wall-mounted fire installed, which updated the look, had very clean lines, and gave a more modern vibe.

Old Gas Fire In The Basement


Classically chic bar design

Now keeping the theme of basement bar design but bringing in a cinema look, we bought posters of old movies and movie stars. We purchased frames from Michaels and Amazon and put them up on the bar walls.

Poster on the wall in the basement

The older movie stars’ posters of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc were on the walls where you entered the room. As you traveled further towards the TV, the posters became more recent with The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean. I have a soft spot for Jack Sparrow, so I was quite happy to have him hanging on the wall.

I actually collected quite a few of these posters on one of our many trips to Las Vegas. There are a few memorabilia shops at Caesars Palace, which are definitely worth visiting if you are in the area.

Wooden L-Shaped Bar

Our bar area was formed in one corner of the basement, in front of a window. The bar was purchased from a local shop and fitted the area perfectly.

The home bar came equipped with a bar shelf and room (if you removed one of the side shelves) for a bar cabinet, a wine cooler for your wine collection, or in our case a small fridge.

Neon Shelves

We also managed to find some pretty cool neon light open shelves for the wall at the side of the bar. These shelves change color at the tap of a bottom but look really nice with the bottles on them and lit up; it is quite the ultimate man cave.

These shelves are great as well if you need some ambient lighting, and because we only had spotlights at that end of the room, it was perfect for the liquor bottles as well. I mean, you need to see what drink you are pouring out for your partner, don’t you?

Shelves in the basement area

We had room for a small bar table and metal stools which we purchased from a local shop. The area is perfect for entertaining guests, playing cards in the evening, or watching a movie – as the bar is not too far for a glass of wine.

How much does it cost to build a basement bar?

The cost to build a basement bar really depends on what you have to work with, to begin with. In our basement, we really needed to replace the fire as it was getting quite old, and we looked at it as well.

The carpet was also past its day, so this took quite a lot of our budget; in actual fact, it was probably a third of the total cost.

Tight budget?

If you can work with what you already own, if your budget is a little tight, then this will keep down the cost. Some of the coolest basement bar ideas do not cost a fortune.

Take advantage of the social media websites like TikTok and Pinterest. There are some great DIY ideas. A basement bar made from old wooden pallets or old kitchen cabinets with a reclaimed wood countertop for a more traditional basement bar. Try to adopt a cabinet from Ikea; this is becoming quite the trend now.

If you have access to a saw, some sandpaper, a hammer, and some nails, you are halfway there.

Luxury additions

We did splash out on a few luxuries, such as the neon shelves – not necessary, but we bought them. Ours cost in the region of $400, but if you take a look at the end of this article, you will see you can buy shelves from $70 upwards on Amazon.

Bar area

Our bar was quite pricey, and we had to have it shipped in, but we purchased it from a local games store.

Personalized extras

We splashed out a little on personalized coasters with our surname on and the date of the wedding, but that was just something a little quirky for us.

My daughter and son-in-law ordered my husband a neon bar sign as well, all personalized, which glows in red above the bar. Again, take a look below, as we have found a few really good deals for basement bar accessories.

bar sign for basement bar


Basement bar design ideas

You also don’t have to pay out for large movie posters; pick up some frames from the dollar shop. Print out smaller versions of movie posters and make a collage on a spare wall in your basement space.

If you have a collection of sports memorabilia and are going to do a sports basement bar, then look at framing some of your collection and displaying it on the walls.

The Poker Table

We really did push the boat out when building our basement bar. The husband does love a game of Texas Holdem, so for Christmas, I arranged for a custom-built poker table to be built for a games room area.

It is pretty impressive and seats up to eight people, and the legs fold so it can be neatly stacked away and does not encroach on your drinking space.

As he was quite proud of his new gift and we had a spare wall, we hung the table on the wall and just lift it down and set it up when we have a card night.

Obviously, you are not limited to a poker table. You could purchase a foosball table or pool table and head down the route of a sports bar theme which is another great basement bar idea.

Poker Table on Wall

Cool bar decor with custom lighting and shelves

We did change our lighting, but as the ceilings are so low and there was no room at all for pendant lights or electricity for wall sconces so you are really limited to choice.

We removed the cheap white spotlights and purchased some rather sleek-looking lights, and aimed them in the direction of where we needed them the most. For example, at the bar table, pointing at some of the posters and areas where we thought we would need more light when they were on.

We did consider accent lighting, but this was not in the form of a table lamp or floor lamp. To give it a more nightclub/bar type vibe, we bought a strip of LED lights which we installed under the countertop of the bar and programmed these to come on with the shelf lighting.

TV lighting

Also hidden by the TV, we have another light that reacts to the TV, so when we play our Spotify list on the TV and are sat at the bar, the TV looks a little like a Juke Box.

TV Lights on in the basement

The fireplace is another form of accent lighting as we can put the fireplace on without the heat, and this also changes color.

Ultimately the whole mood of the room can be changed with the accent lighting from red to white, blue, and green.

Updating an old TV Ikea Cabinet

We wanted to keep with the theme, and we already owned a dark wood Ikea cabinet, which was quite modern but just didn’t fit in with the style that we were aiming for.

We actually found some really good contact paper on Amazon, which is used to cover countertops and wooden cabinets. We purchased a couple of rolls of this in black with a wood grain effect pattern.

Now I will be honest you do need to have patience when covering a cabinet, and the less detail on the cabinet, the better. You have to use a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles or prick them with a pin if they are tiny, but once it is on, it is well worth the effort.

Accents throughout the entire basement

Accents were the final touch to the room. Obviously, cushions and throws were additional items that were needed to soften the room. These were a variety of colors and patterns, both large and small.

To break up the large expanse of white by the fireplace, we bought two matching brown vases and filled them with sticks. I am on the hunt for some ferns as it is time to change them out.


Art, footstool, and tables

I also put together a piece of art as the particular metal piece I wanted was a little over our budget, so a DIY piece was put into action.

An added bonus was the ottoman – which is pretty big but is a perfect large footstool for anyone sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

Finally, a couple of side tables. One for the recently acquired Oculus and the other to pull over to the sofa to put our drinks on when we are just sitting chilling watching the TV.

How much space should you have behind a bar?


The amount of space behind a bar should be at least enough for a person to walk behind it and move around freely. We managed to remove some shelves from our bar and put them in our small fridge where all of the goodies are kept, like the wine, mixers, and soft drinks.

If you don’t have enough space to incorporate a fridge within your bar, then it will have to go to the side or behind – so you may need a little bit more room.

We also incorporated our window sill into the bar by using it as a shelf for the drinks. Again, before you start putting furniture in place or buying it, you should always measure to avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t forget the storage.

A bar table with storage is an excellent purchase. Don’t forget you need space for the different types of glasses – wine glasses, shorts, shots, beer, etc. to give you a complete bar set.

We also have an ice machine on one of the shelves. You may need another shelf for cocktail shakers, wine, and beer openers, coasters, straws, and any other little gadgets that you may come across.

Bar stools and tables

We do have a high bar table where we sit, drink, play games, and socialize. If you don’t have the space for a bar and a bar table, then I would suggest looking at buying stools for around the bar itself.

Some bars are quite high, so be very careful when shopping for stools as they may not be high enough for a bar, and also be aware of how comfortable they are.

Below I have listed a few modern bar ideas for basements with links to items that may help you when you are building your basement bar.

It is all about sound.

The cinema area of the basement bar had a luxury feel to it. Our sofa is, as I have said, quite large and is a corner sofa, very comfy and I have actually had it for about eight years but cannot bear to part with it.

We already had a Bose surround system for a TV, so we ran the cables under the sofa and around the room to get the full-on effect of a cinema area.

We added more sound in the basement area with a portable Bose speaker, which sits on the bar.

How much does a finished basement add to home value?

It is obvious that any improvements you make to your home will add value to it. A finished basement, whether it be a cinema room, a few new bedrooms, or even both, will add to the value of your home.

The statistics say that with an average two-story home if you develop your basement, it increases your living space by 50%.

Another point to remember is that many unfinished basements have concrete floors, no insulation, and unfinished walls and ceiling. Just adding this will not only make your house warmer but could possibly reduce your heating bills considerably.

Personalized items to enhance any basement bar

Take a look below at a few of the personalized items you can purchase to take your basement bar to the next level. From cocktail glasses to wine chillers and personalized bar signs. We are sure there will be something there.

Barstools, Bar Stools, Counter Stools, Swivel Stools

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