13 Luxury Bedroom Ideas

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Luxury Bedroom ideas

Luxury bedroom brown

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash


With a few tricks and the selection of the right furniture and accessories, you can elevate your bedroom from boring to breathtaking. Luxury bedroom ideas can be found on this page, starting with a piece of furniture, or just a rug. Read on and find out more.

You don’t need to break the bank to add an element of luxury to your bedroom.

Luxury bedroom using an accent wall of black

In this article we are focussing on a palette of grey and black for a luxury bedroom that you could find in a luxury hotel. Other articles will feature reds, black, blues, greens etc. So please subscribe to receive further updates.

If you have watched Million Dollar Listing in New York and Los Angeles you’ve probably seen many a bedroom that turns you green with envy. Expensive art, handmade designer furniture and rugs from around the world made in exotic fabrics .

Worthy of a Vogue shoot

Chic and luxury does not have to be expensive. If the project is well thought out and subtle you can uplift that boring square box of a bedroom into a room worthy of a Vogue shoot.

So let’s begin with this chic-looking luxurious bedroom below and let’s see what we can put together and an approximate budget that it all adds up to. You will find this at the end of the article.

The walls

Black. Don’t be afraid it has a luxurious vibe. If you take a look at our blog on Basement Design Ideas you will see how we painted our basement with a black feature wall.

What paint do we use black gloss or matt?

In our basement, we used a mixture – a high gloss and a matt black. The reason being was to achieve a two-tone effect in stripes which ultimately gave a 3D effect on our accent walls.

This particular luxury bedroom seems to have more of a matt finish in black as a focal point on an accent wall.

Now I am a great fan of Sherwin Williams’s paint. I have never had an issue with it. It covers beautifully, they have a huge range, the staff are extremely helpful, and I don’t need to remember what paint I have bought as they keep a record of it on their system.


I have picked out Tricorn Black SW 6258 from Sherwin Williams for this interior design. You can purchase this paint in matt and in varying shades right up to a high gloss.

The right amount of paint

If you ask the sales staff nicely and give them your measurements they can give you just the right amount of paint to paint the entire room, with a little left over to keep in case of emergencies.

A high gloss can be very shiny, so I would tend to lean towards the lower end on the matt scale. Possibly one or two up from completely matt.

Looking at the photograph you will see that probably all of the walls have been painted in black.

You need to bear in mind that this particular luxury bedroom does have a lot of natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows and the area is quite large. Another luxury that not all of us have this amount of space.

White or black walls?

If you want to achieve the same look I would suggest just painting a black accent wall behind the headboard area and finishing the remaining walls in white.

Now white does come in a multitude of variations – weird I know. There are bold whites and cool whites, white with a touch of grey, white with a touch of brown.

As with any paint I would suggest picking up a couple of samples and painting small areas in various locations around the bedroom. Swatches are good, but the print version always looks different to the actual paint on the wall.

Test the paint by the windows, in a darker area behind a door and even at night with the table lamp on. If you are happy with your choice then it is full steam ahead.

The ceiling

The ceiling is again a flat white paint. Many ceilings, especially in older houses have textured finishes or popcorn ceilings.

This can be very messy to remove but if budget permits you could possibly have this coated over to achieve a flat finish, and this will uplift the room to give a more modern finish.

If you are painting all of the walls black then ensure you have a really good line finishing the joins between the ceiling and the walls. A perfect line will enhance the perfect finish to your paintwork.


Wood floors in a deep rich color will not only add texture to the overall look of the room but bring in some warmth.

Bedroom floors do not really need to be hard-wearing, unlike a living room. Pick out some samples from your local DIY store and see what works best for you.

A deep mahogany in laminate might work well in your luxury bedroom, or alternatively something with a slight hint of red in the wood.

It is what you want to incorporate in your luxurious design but something in the deep browns, and mid browns will work well with this particular bedroom. We will look at area rug selection later under Soft Furnishings.

wood flooring luxury bedroom

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash


Lighting comes in all shapes and forms. So firstly we are going to tackle the ceiling hanging pendant lights which are normally positioned above the bed or in the centre of a room.

Unfortunately, we have very low ceilings so a light of this size would be too low, definitely something to crack your head on when getting in or out of bed. They can also create a focal point so weigh up the pros and cons and see how far you can take your light design.

This Mid-Century chandelier with six lights has a luxurious feel and is within the Armstrong collection and made from natural brass.

The design is classed as Sputnik but allows the arms to be adjusted so you can customise the lighting for the right look in your luxury bedroom at a really good price at just under $400. Shop The Look below.

Ceiling chandelier brass

If the ceilings are low, or you have a four-poster bed you will have to opt for a ceiling-mounted light. This particular light is from the Tristan collection and has twelve bulbs and spans over two feet in diameter.

A super sleek light with arms that spread out from the centre of the fixture. This is available in two colors, black and the one we have opted for which is a patina brass finish. shop the look $378

Semi flush light luxury bedroom

Once you have determined what type of ceiling light works for your luxury bedroom we move on to the table lamps.

If you would like to splash out on two of these lamps I think you will be very pleased with the way that they fit into your bedroom. Made from white marble with an antique brass finish which gives a nod to the finish of your ceiling lamp, that also has a brass finish.

The brass colour also helps with a more relaxing atmosphere rather than just plain white and makes the room feel warm.

The lamp is a very sleek and stylish piece and is finished off with a microfiber drum-shaped shade in white cotton. shop the look $1,455 each.

Table lamps white

For a bedside table lamp in a more moderate range then take a look at the Morada. A 28 inch lamp on a ceramic base and featuring a geometric pattern and a white linen shade. Again touches of burnished brass but a third of the price at $490.97 each. shop the look

Luxury modern table lamp

Luxury bedroom furniture

The main star of the show is going to be the bed. If you have a bed already then just shop around for an upholstered headboard. Sometimes you just can’t part with your bed if it is fairly new and super comfy, although it is recommended that you change your mattress every 6-8 years.

The smooth lines of this particular bed give it a clean look and is reminiscent of waves washing up on the shore – hence the name Shoreclub Bed.

Selling for around $2,900, a small price to pay for such a luxurious bed. It is available in off white and will be a great contrast to your black accent wall. shop the look

Luxury bed

The bedside cabinets

Bedside tables or night stands are quite an essential item in the luxury bedroom, even in a small bedroom. Not only do they give you extra storage space for underwear, books, socks etc., but where do you put your morning cup of tea or coffee?

Again ideal for the table lamps which work well if you like to read in bed, or need a place to put your glasses etc. We have picked out these rather unique cabinets which consist of three drawers and are Art Deco-inspired.

The Provence side table is a very stylish choice and is finished with a brushed brass toe kick with makes a bold statement. $836 each table shop the look now.

Province side table

Soft Furnishings

The window treatments

Now for the fun part. We need some nice long flowing curtains to compliment this luxury bedroom. The choice of fabric is entirely yours but I would suggest long curtains, rather than short as it makes the bedroom feel luxurious.

Keep to your color palette, which in this case is the black, whites, greys, silvers etc.

If you do not get a lot of sunlight through your windows then you can choose a lighter fabric. It is a good idea to see what light-filtering abilities your new curtains have and a good supplier will be able to help you with this.

A linen weave curtain has been used in this example in mist grey. Each panel starts from around $33.50. These were currently on sale but this company do have some really good deals, so please check back regularly.

Mist Grey curtains

Cover the bed

Curtains are not the only soft furnishings that we need to think about for the luxury bedroom. Next on the list is the bed linen. Now let’s not forget we are looking at a luxury bedroom design here so we need something a little opulent on the bed with maybe some throw pillows.

Not only does luxury bed linen feel great, it looks great as well. To make life easier pick out a comforter with two pillow covers. The queen size costs around $982 and is made of 100% polyester. It looks expensive, is a little expensive but definitely worth the investment.

Velvet white bedding

Cushion the look

Time to make the bed look more interesting and inviting so a few tips are about to follow. Cushions finish the look of the bed. Choose different textures, patterns and shades of grey, white or black. Layer the cushions up.

They could be tasselled cushions, fluffy cushions or just plain silk cushions.

Introduce various shapes and sizes as your accent pillows to make for a more interesting look and feel.  If you already own the cushions themselves just change up the cover, choose gold accents in the design.

You can pick these grey covers up for just $23 for two. shop the look now for cushions that would add to your luxury bedroom.

Grey patterned pillows

Fluffy white cushions

Throw caution to the wind

A little added extra and something I don’t think she be left our of a luxury bedroom design is a throw. What better throw than a faux fur to give that added luxury look.

Draped elegantly across the end of the bed this throw will totally elevate the look that you are trying to achieve and will make your bedroom feel soft and inviting.

A great item to have in the cold winter nights whilst watching the TV, or just generally as a decorative item. All beds should have the obligatory throw in my opinion, and I always try to add one when I am thinking of new bedroom ideas. shop the look

Faux grey throw


The rug – a warm feel

Our luxury bedroom would not be complete without a good size rug over the wood floor.  This is another great way of bringing in texture and pattern to the room and a good rug has a luxurious feel to it.

Silver grey will bounce off the dark color of the wood and the pattern will add interest to the floor and bring the room together.

Try to purchase a rug that fits halfway under the bed and halfway outside, so this depends on the size of the bed and the space you have available.

The rug chosen for our mock up is contemporary with clean lines and has a Scandinavian influence. There is a twisted fringe finish and a lattice and diamond design in rich greys alongside other neutral colors.  

A rug just over 5 foot by 7.9 foot comes in around $236. shop the look.

Silver grey rug

The fluffy stools

Opulence at its best and what better form than a fluffy stool. A great accessory for any luxury bedroom. Perfect height to sit and change your shoes on, or even to reach up into a high wardrobe.

These stools come with a handy storage compartment and are made of faux fur. We have found a set of stools with gold effect legs which again tie into not only the table lamps, the ceiling light but also the night stands.

At just $70 a piece you really should shop the look now.

Grey fluffy stool

Plants and vases – lush greenery

Other items can be added to your luxury bedroom such as plants to bring in a little greenery, vases, or an attractive sculpture.

These can be real plants, large plants, artificial or just a couple of cacti on the bedside cabinets. Don’t choose a plant that is ‘too messy’ you need something that is quite clean looking to keep the luxury feel to your bedroom.

Wall Décor

The wall art is basically the final touch to any room. It can be abstract, a large family photograph (it’s your bedroom), a piece of metal work or a silk hanging with intricate designs.

Choose carefully but keep it simple and not too fussy as this bedroom has a lot of clean lines and simple structured furniture.

We have chosen these pieces of art from Newhill Designs. An interlaced textured pattern that has been framed and ready to go on the wall. Price $416 for the two pieces of art so shop the look now.

Newhill Design ARtwork

Total cost (not excluding flooring and paint)

Under $8,000 – this includes ceiling light fixture, table lamps x 2, night stands x 2, carpet, bed, bedding, 2 x curtain panels, 4 cushion covers, wall art and one stool.


Legal Information – Some of the products on this page have affiliate links

Luxury bed

1. Drift off into sea

No room for a four poster bed? This luxury hotel look uplholstered bed will make you late for work.

Ceiling chandelier brass

2. Just hanging around 

Cool, brass and totally adjustable. This pendant light will lead you in the right direction.

Faux grey throw

3. Cuddle up in faux fur

 Soft and with a luxurious feel this throw will look great on your bed or even in your sitting area if you have the luxury of space.

Fluffy white cushions

4. Fluffy pillows

Pillows in all shapes and sizes but these fluffy ones will style up your bed.

Grey fluffy stool

5. Fluffy stools as well

Sit, store your books, or hide your ice bucket and a bottle of wine inside. They even fit in a small space, giving you more space for storage.

Grey patterned pillows

6. Throw pillows to layer up

Your bedroom deserves plenty of soft cushions, just keep in the color scheme.

Luxury modern table lamp

7. Luxurious bedrooms deserve luxurious lamps

Made from marble and perfect for any side tables in a bedroom. Light up your life with these gorgeous additions.

Mist Grey curtains

8. Let there be light – or not?

Style up your luxury bedroom with long flowing curtains. Any bedroom with a more luxurious design would benefit from these

Newhill Design ARtwork

9 Art for the wall

Buy your art online or create your own. A contrasting white color will look great in the black space of the wall.

Province side table

10. Side tables called Province

Space for the coffee, the lamps or the reading book. Bedroom furniture does not get any better than these bedside tables.


Silver grey rug

11. Feel luxurious underfoot

Cold feet on wooden floors will be a thing of the past when this beautiful rug makes an entrance in your room.

Luxury modern table lamp

12. Bedroom light choice

Stay within budget with this chic looking bedroom light just ready for worthy bedside tables. Make your room feel luxurious and buy two.

Velvet white bedding

13 And so to bed….

All luxury bedrooms deserve a set of bedding so you can rest your weary head on. Matching pillows as well – time for a snooze I think.

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